The people of my village are great. I love them. Considering that they are regarded as the scum of the earth by decent folk (which is why they were herded together here away from the decent folk in the first place) they are extremely quiet and well-mannered. Heck, they even go quietly whenever the police knock on their front doors.

But, as most of us who live here are unemployed there is not much cash about and this has led to the place getting a little run down to say the least.

It has not always been this way. Not long ago it was a thriving pit village (coal mine) with lots of work and spare cash sloshing around. The main street was full of shops, far more than you would normally expect in a village of its size. These shops are still there but most of them are shuttered up. This really makes the place look abandoned and threatening. All the shutters are the same grey colour and the buildings themselves are falling into disrepair very quickly.

However, there is good news. This week has seen two of the shops reopened. The not so good news is that one of them is a cheap tat for Christmas shop and the other is a tattoo parlour.

Never mind, at least Grandmère Mimi on her annual visit next year can get her other ankle done without going too far if she wants to. I would pay the tattooist a visit as well but I have a feeling Mrs MP wouldn't approve and, anyway, isn't it painful?



  1. If you could manage childbirth, I think your financial worries would be over…you might even be able to start your own religion.

  2. I understand it does indeed hurt, albeit I have no experience. In my youth, tattoos were not regarded well and I have never developed a desire for them.


  3. Allow me to introduce Jesus Mohammed Hagger…not quite a virgin birth in the traditional sense, but in someways something really cool and exciting – born of a MAN…whoo hoo! Come on now, cheer, that’s right, you three Wise Women in the corner…no, I did NOT say Wise Ass Women…lighten up. And with this birth we hereby declare the new faith of Jonathanism is born…(don’t tell Mad Priest, he hates ISM’s)

  4. Of course it hurts. It’s done with needles. I have seven of them – each one worth it as a piece of body art.

    But, is that really Mimi’s tattoo? Somehow, I’m sensing a bit of a fib here.

  5. I’m dying to know which village you’re in, especially as you’re so close to me. Come on, MP, fess up. You know I’m a good soul, you even came to my beloved hubby’s funeral!

    And tattoo’s don’t hurt much. It’s no worse than a scratch. I’m thinking og having another one done. The one Ian was going to have before he died. x