There's an excellent rant posted at BETWEEN THE LINES entitled "We Are All Prostitutes." It's an attack on the bullying that goes on in left wing social media from those who have decided what can and what cannot be said and who get their own way through viciously attacking those they disagree with on their own blogs and the blogs of others.


Brian R (from New Zealand) has posted a video of an advertisement that has won awards in his homeland. It's got a cute dog in it. But, as Fran points out in the comments, it leaves one wondering what you actually think about the advert itself.

Check it out at NOBLE WOLF.



  1. Oh I like that one! Have seen the “what can and what cannot be said” thought police in action numerous times, and it really torques me off 😛

    Real liberals can discuss anything while maintaining respect, courtesy, and intellectual rigor.