One of the best things about where we live now is the fact that we are very close to the North Pennines, an "area of outstanding beauty." I love it's bleakness and "away from it all" atmosphere, something that is rare to find in England where our pretty places can get more crowded than The Monument tube station during the rush hour.

Last Saturday afternoon, which was probably the final fine day of the year, the MadGang set out on an invigorating eight mile yomp across the moors above Edmundbyers ending up at The Punch Bowl Inn for a refreshing pint of Consett ale (as is the tradition).

Half way through the following photographic record of our expedition you will come across three pictures of a small, brick building. This is a netty. I'm sure you do not need me to tell you what it's usage was.

The man setting fire to the heather is doing so deliberately.

DC stands for "District Council" and is on a boundary stone.

The photo of the pub at the end was not taken by me but lifted from Google.

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  1. Delphi is scared of sheep. In fact, she once jumped a mile in the air as we passed a plastic sheep outside a shop.

    Glenna, we have to watch. She won’t attack anything but if something has a go at her first she doesn’t back down.

  2. Eight miles one way? And then back to the car? Beautiful pictures and loved the netties. I grew up with one out back of the house. Not quite as primitive as that one, but outside all the same.

  3. [Netty, so knickers don’t get wetty?]

    Love the pic of the Gang at the signpost! (and following the Holy One)

    Great scenes, MP!

  4. Nice photo work and beautiful country. The view from this hospital room of the roof of another part of the hospital is not so cool. I envy you that walk.


  5. Ah that twinged my memory, we had two tri colored collies, one Border and one Rough, and we lived near two meadows, one lower and then up a wagon track to the higher meadow!And we had fun, 2 collies and us. It was like being on top of the world in the upper and the grain crop in the lower meadow grew so tall that you could play hide and seek. we hid and the collies would seek us out. Thanks for these beautiful photos.