Your word for today is

"preposterous" meaning absurd, or contrary to common sense.

You will receive by first class male (that's me) 10 whole days off purgatory if you include the word "preposterous" in a comment today (and only today).


WORD OF THE DAY — 15 Comments

  1. Richard Dawkins has made a preposterous claim that he won’t debate William Lane Craig because he doesn’t want to give him publicity because “he is an apologist for genocide.”

    Now I’m no fan of WLC, but I think the main reason Dawkins doesn’t want to debate him is because he’s scared of losing. There’s no shame in that – it’s the reason why I would run a mile – but why can’t he have the gumption to admit it?

    See here.

    That good enough, MP?

    (In case anyone is in no doubt, I’m no fan of Dawkins either.)

  2. PseudoPiskie’s claim that it is preposterous that this crowd might not be able to use preposterous properly is preposterous.

    However, using the word verification for this comment, I “concede” to PseudoPiskie.

  3. If I type this comment in quickly enough, I’ll beat the arrival of the Royal Mail van by several minutes and achieve the requisite preposterous status with ease.

    Quack, quack.

  4. It would be preposterous of me to work up my own clever statement, when it is so much easier to nick one from a quotations database:

    “The notion that science does not concern itself with first causes — that it leaves the field to theology or metaphysics, and confines itself to mere effects — this notion has no support in the plain facts. If it could, science would explain the origin of life on earth at once — and there is every reason to believe that it will do so on some not too remote tomorrow. To argue that gaps in knowledge which will confront the seeker must be filled, not by patient inquiry, but by intuition or revelation, is simply to give ignorance a gratuitous and preposterous dignity.”
    – H. L. Mencken, 1930

  5. I just heard someone say that the Republican candidates for president of the USA are intelligent people. That is, without a doubt, the most Preposterous statement I’ve heard in a while, eh?

  6. Yes, yes, very good all of you. But I actually meant use the word on the other posts in comments that are relevant to the theme of the post and no too contrived if poss.

  7. Sorry MP, I find the whole idea of Purgatory so preposterous that I will not be participating in this preposterous exercise.. Here or anywhere else.

  8. Jay, your comment reminds me of the old (Anglican) monk who was asked if he really believed in Purgatory. “Believe in it?” he replied. “I’m counting on it!”

  9. It’s simply preposterous that you should continue to think we can be bothered to read, understand, and then follow a thread.

  10. The Mad Priest he did offer one day
    To take time off our puratory stay
    “Just say the secret word
    And your prayer will be heard”
    “That’s preposterous!” I hear you all say

  11. first class male (that’s me)…include the word “preposterous” in a comment


    Bite the hand that feeds me my OCICBW fix? Preposterous!