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TIMES’ ARE TOUGH — 10 Comments

  1. I am a socialist. I am not against wealth creation, I just believe in the equal distribution of wealth. If I was in charge I would work out what a living wage was and make that tax free. Any money earned over the living wage I would tax at 90%. I would get rid of all indirect taxation as it is a tax that falls hardest on the poor.

  2. Well, by most global standards you and the Mrs. are still living high on the hog. However, I assume you mean a living wage based on western living standards. That’s the rub, isn’t it.

  3. Okay, Renz. When I’m in charge I will wage war on the rest of the world and when I’m emperor of the whole planet I will impose my taxation system universally.


  4. Don’t get testy! I was just pointing out that what constitutes a “living wage” is subjective…that’s all. Frankly, I would love to implement a living wage that allows everyone to live like a bishop myself…

    Oh, and I can just see it now, the Grand Pouba High Emperor Queen of the World and Most Exalted Jonathan Madpriest…

    On this the first day of Year 1 in the reign of Hagger…

    Order of the Day #1: The following are to be eliminated immediately – all ISM’s, esp. atheism, feminism, etc. etc. 🙂

    WV: wherphi (the British version of the American whoopie?)

  5. We would none of us live like bishops under my plan, especially if we included everybody in the world. I’m not after more than the national minimum wage which is a good £12000 less than the national average wage and £29000 less than a bishop’s salary. There really is no integrity in calling for equity of wealth if you are not prepared to restrict your earnings yourself.

  6. Living like a bishop speaks more to comfort than to salary…

    In today’s world, there is no point in forcing everyone to live on minimum wage when that buys next to nothing in the western economy.

    I often look at my house and think that so many more people could live in this space. Then I imagine that I could do nicely with just my bedroom, the back parlor(former guest room) and the bathroom. Except then I imagine that under the newly declared system of global shared wealth – as a single person I would likely have to share a single room with 2 other people before things would end up truly fair and equitable.

    Then my bourgeois reality kicks in and I come back to my senses…

  7. Minimum wage in the UK is more than the least amount of money you need to live on and is a lot more than welfare payouts. I’m not suggesting we live on a minimum wage, I’m saying I aspire to. My tax system would aim to allow everyone to live comfortably and without fear in whatever geographical situation they find themselves. people in Los Angeles would get a lot less money than people in Glasgow, for example, as it’s nowhere near as cold in L.A. in winter.