1. Trying to rile the resident atheists for your amusement?

    Better lazy than the energy of cruel religious dogma destroying people’s lives (e.g., imprison gays in Africa, require women to die of ectopic pregnancies in Nicaragua, prevent couples who wish to divorce from divorcing, etc.).

  2. Absolutely.
    Our intellectually bone idle friend IT proves often enough here that there isn’t a serious philosophical or moral thought in her tiny mind and that it took her no effort at all to arrive at this
    point in her life.

    Sometimes I seriously worry about you.

  3. There once was a man from the west
    Who opined that his thinking was best
    “I’m an atheist, you see”
    He did trump it with glee
    And to his friends he became a right pest.

  4. As with all generalizations this one isn’t even half true.
    Back in the 60s a friend/workmate of mine and I came to an end in our discussions on religious beliefs when I said to him, “If you can prove to me that when I slid into the world from my mother’s body it was the first time I’d seen the light and that when they dump my carcass in a hole in the ground it will be the last, I’ll be an atheist like you”. He sat and stewed in silence for several minutes before finally bursting out with, “I can’t, damn it, but to believe like you I’d have to give up 50 years of study and thinking . . . and I CAN’T DO IT!!!’. Doesn’t sound lazy to me.
    Your statement sounds more like the proclamation of the religious who know that they know all there is to know so don’t bother trying to tell me otherwise.
    Are there obnoxious atheists? Of course there are . . they’re human too. Do they outnumber the self righteous, obnoxious religious? Somehow I doubt it, eh?


  5. …the proclamation of the religious who know that they know all there is to know so don’t bother trying to tell me otherwise.

    Gee, I’d have said this about the atheists I know, esp. the one on my job. He just KNOWS there is NO god, there never has been, there never will be, so don’t even try convincing him there is or was or will be one.

    I’ve run into a lot of nonbelievers – on my job, at the UU church (and I used to travel all around Florida, going to UU churches to sing and whatnot), and even in the local pagan organization I used to be part of, and every last one of them, save one, were some really obnoxious, arrogant, mean, cruel, sarcastic, angry SOBs. With the exception of only one woman, they were all like that.


  6. With Erika, I thought immediately of our good friend IT, too. She’s one of the least intellectually lazy people I know.

    What’s the point of a post like this? This is a serious question.

  7. Of course, I’m talking about imagination here. The fact that none of the atheists and none of the liberals (same thing really) picked up on this proves my point. You all fell into my little trap – again.

  8. You REALLY need a job if all you do all day is sit around dreaming up ways to bait all your readers, ya brat.

    Just sayin!

  9. Not really, Mimi. I am just averse to explaining myself, probably due to the amount of times I have got into trouble with you for doing so.

  10. Atheism isn’t as imaginative as religion?
    Do you occasionally actually talk to atheists? Or do you make it all up in the seclusion of a dark cupboard?

  11. @Renz, and we can find a large number of believers who are bad people too. Neither proves anything. That was @erp’s point.

    @Erika and Mimi, thanks for the kind words. @Erika, no MP doesn’t talk to atheists. Why should he bother when he thinks he knows what we think, based on the spoutings of Richard Dawkins? It’s the exact same thing as complaining that Dawkins doesn’t read theology!

    As for lack of imagination, here’s an example of that, common in the American south on bumper stickers:
    “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it.”

    Yet most of us do not use this to make sweeping claims that Christians are lazy or lack imagination, though some patently are and do.

    And of course, MP conveniently ignores these Christians, just as he conveniently ignores the majority of atheists who find Dawkins tiresome.

  12. Yeah. Some atheists are lazy.

    Some believers are lazy.

    I know, I know. You’re saying the POSITION itself is lazy but I don’t see how laziness (which is a character trait of people) can be attributed to a philosophical position – only the means by which a person comes to that position.

  13. I’m not an atheist but I have respect for the position and I think I have an understanding (at least I have sympathy) about what can prompt a person to adopt it.

  14. Humans are lazy. * Theist/A-theist, makes no difference…

    (* Not that there’s anything wrong w/ that! ;-/)