Atheists recently went public with a new website aimed at creating a community for clergy who have lost their faith. The Clergy Project has grown to nearly 100 members since the launch of a private, invitation only, website in March. The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have now made the project public in hopes of drawing more pastors, priests, rabbis and other religious leaders who have chosen to "move beyond faith".

“We know there must be thousands of clergy out there who have secretly abandoned their faith but have nowhere to turn,” said Dan Barker, a former evangelical preacher who now serves as co-president of FFRF.

“Now they do have a place to meet, a true sanctuary, a congregation of those of us who have replaced faith and dogma with reason and human well-being.”

COMMENT: Of course, nobody gets into trouble or loses their job for not believing in God in the Church of England. You have to blog about the hypocrisy of your medal coveting bishop if you are determined to make yourself unemployable.



  1. And a damn good way it is. (The not making windows into men’s souls bit, I mean. Not the easy and cowardly protection of hypocrisy bit.)

    IMHO, of course…

    (Thanks be to God for Good Queen Bess!)

  2. Backed by Richard Dawkins and yet associated with reason and human well-being?

    I suppose it’s possible but it seems most improbable. Judging by his published works it would be based on unscrupulous tendentiousness and ad hominem abuse. I would certainly want to see some pretty solid evidence for such a remarkable claim.

    Of course MP in light of your experience such comments must bring to mind that last scene from Animal Farm

    O/T the word verification is tyllys, which is Welsh for court house…any significance?

  3. Dicky would make an excellent Church of England bishop, Half-Blood. His natural air of superiority, his craving to have his photo in the newspapers at every opportunity, his complete lack of belief in God and his connections to Oxbridge are just what selectors are looking for. The fact that he has had a couple of books published would even qualify him for an archbishop’s post.

  4. I must admit I wonder if Dr. Dawkins’ exhortations about being an atheist aren’t anything but a ruse of false modesty.

    Given his statements and writings, I would argue that he very well believes in a god, staring at it every day in the mirror.

  5. Welshman — In fairness I think this grew out of Dan Dennett’s research, not Dawkins. Dawkins has of course not hesitated to rush in and take the credit and rally the troops.