LIES, DAMN LIES — 15 Comments

  1. Continuing the standard of lies/shame for the light-fingered pretenders at the ACNA, San Joaquin poaching society…terribly sad. Can you imagine the truly honorable and healthy folks who became brainwashed into collaborating in this on-going property snatch attempt? Some apparently are beyond knowing basic right from wrong now– nice going Schofield, you´ve contaminated innocents to become as spiritually twisted as the headstrong dominonists who wish to theive and deceive…and don´t have a chance of winning court cases…not even in Hell.

    WV: jermi — it´s the name of the disease of the spirit.

  2. Hey, fellow Episcopalians! Is the term “enthroned” used in TEC. I can’t say I’ve ever heard it used in the Diocese of Olympia, but then we’re a bunch of flaming progressives.

  3. Have you folks ever considered the possibility that Christian practice shouldn’t just follow the latest cultural trend? In the meantime, all you’re doing is aiding and abetting this man’s misery by giving him this cozy community of heterodox people without coming anywhere near supporting him and essentially causing him to be rejected by two bishops.

  4. Dear Anonymous — and prayers and blessings for you — why in the name of the Living God do you lurk and post here given your position? Are you afraid of something? Like loving kindness?

  5. to susankay

    There is a close connection between the steady decline in this man’s circumstances and the baneful camaraderie that people like you have exercising for quite a while now. It has encouraged him to post the most self-destructive things that anyone could make public, in particular someone needing the kind of job that he needs — especially one that does more than throwing a few pennies across the internet in his direction. This kind of loving kindness is about as healthy as a glass of kool-aid from the hand of Jim Jones.

  6. Heh, at first I thought Anon was talking about the “Anglican” “Diocese” of San Joaquin!

    The stuff I missed while my computer was kaput…