Dogs are always putting things in their mouths. But to pick up a 15in metal garden flag post and then swallow it takes some doing. Blue, an eight-week-old grey pit bull who lives with his owners in Mobile, Alabama, managed to do just that.

His owners, rushed him to Rehm Animal Clinic. The surgery took about 90 minutes, and at one point Dr. Caroline Rehm thought the dog was not going to make it. They had to use bolt cutters to break off a crossbar from the shaft, which had prevented Blue from completely ingesting the post.

Being young and strong, the 15 pound pup tolerated the surgery better than most dogs would and he's already eating again.

The relieved owners are now looking into how lucrative a sword swallowing dog act would be on the Las Vegas hotel circuit.

Thanks to Paul(A) for sending me this story.

Please note that if I don't receive loads of congratulatory comments regarding my brilliant title for this post I will sulk for a fortnight.



  1. Bludini….


    WOW. Actually that does take it to whole new levels of unbelievable.

    :evil grin:

    And I must say, the little mister is a cutie!


  2. Spectacular title, MP. We must also give credit to the veterinarian, Dr. Caroline, for her brilliant work on Blue. I feel like sending her a letter. I will pick up my Pen and Tell ‘er how proud I am.

  3. Oh marcus of borg/jb, it’s just not on to try and top the punster, MP, on his own blog!

    Excellent title, MP. And the bluster is just adorable. I am so glad he survived.

  4. No, that’s perfectly okay, Lois. I am here to encourage punnery and that an American can beat me at my own game brings nothing but joy to me heart.

  5. “Me and You and a Dog Named Blue”: adding an mp3 of THAT would have been brill…

    [Although the part where “we gotta get away and get back on the road again” gets difficult when Blue unhelpfully stakes his kewt lil’ self to the flag-pole. Naughty dog! Oh yes Blue, we still wubs you, cho-cho-cho-cho…]

  6. That’s an adorable dog!

    And the headline was truly outstanding. (You know I would have said that even if you HADN’T threatened to sulk…)


  7. Hmmm. That Anonymous above is me, Ellie. It looks as if I’m signed in and yet I’m posting as anonymous. (Oh well. I’ll try to figure it out later. I’m still using a borrowed computer although this is a different one from yesterday.)