OCICBW... is continuing it's attempt to compile a definitive list of the greatest songs of all time that have some kind of religious content. They can be from any genre and any religion. They most certainly don't have to be restricted to just the Christian music business but suggestions of Christian music that is actually not painful to listen to would be interesting. 

There are some rules which will be applied strictly:

1) There must be words (instrumentals will not be accepted).

2) Songs written to be hymns or worship songs are excluded (but not songs that have been later adopted as such).

3) No settings of previously written texts will be accepted (e.g. a classical composer's setting of a latin mass).

Here is today's selection. The first track, "Signs," was suggested by Tracie. Actually she suggested "Signs" as performed by Tesla. Unfortunately I own an Apple Mac computer and it simply won't lower itself to download a Tesla track. To play it I would have to find an internet cafe, download it on one their PCs, burn it to CD and then import it from the CD onto my iTunes programme. Even then I expect my computer will take offence and probably refuse to play anything other than Wagner operas for the next two weeks. But, I do own the original version of the song by the Canadian group, Five Man Electrical Band. So, I've included that instead. I also own a Fatboy Slim record where he samples the song. Both Fatboy's mash up and the original are very good. I have no idea if the Tesla version is good or not as I have never heard a single Tesla track in my whole life.

"Signs" by Five Man Electrical Band. Suggested by Tracie and MadPriest
"Hey World (Don't Give Up)" by Michael Franti And Spearhead. Suggested by Lori.
"My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison. Suggested by That Other Jean.
"Jubilee" by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Suggested by John L.
"Hurt" by Johnny Cash. Suggested by Aggi.



  1. Well, Tesla did an acoustic version of it, so I figured it wouldn’t be too painful. It’s almost exactly like this but imagine 12 string guitars instead of keyboards.

    I haven’t heard this version in AGES.

  2. By the way, how explicity religious should the song or lyrics be? Some songs have some generally spiritual sentiments written into them, but would something like Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind” qualify, even though it doesn’t speak explicity of God or Jesus or whatever?

  3. If you don’t mind folky, David Wilcox’s “How did you find me here?” is a great one. Ironically I had to explain to my spouse that it was areligious song…and me the atheist…

    Love the song, BTW

  4. I did suggest both “Carry On Wayward Son” and “Spirit in the Sky” – which I found out was written by a Jew after he’d seen some televangelist or other. Greenbaum decided “I can write a religious song,” and churned the lyrics out in less than 10 minutes. LOL!

  5. I remember “Signs” was a big hit here in Oz when I was 11 or 12. It’s making me think of another song of around the same time(totally unrelated) but I think it’s a bit religious: “In the Year 2525” by Zager and Evans.

    Has it been suggested? I’ve been out of range for a while.

  6. Haven’t fully been following this, but how about:-

    ‘God is in the House’ Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

    The song that will be played at my funeral, even though I know MP despises this R&B combo:-

    U2: ‘I still haven’t found what I am looking for’.

    Try also, the old Welsh hymn often used at funerals, but sang by Cerys Matthews:-

    ‘Arglwydd dyma fi’

    That never fails to move me…

  7. How about:
    Hymn by Ultravox
    Pray Your Gods by Toad the Wet Sprocket
    Rough Night in Jericho and Bearing Witness by Dream So Real
    Just Another Poor Boy by Chris De Burgh
    Driving to Damascus by Big Country
    When Heaven Calls Your Name by Balance of Power (really all of the album Book of Secrets)

  8. JCF, still stuck in the decade of my birth:

    Get Together – The Youngbloods

    Good Morning, Starshine – Cast of “Hair”

    All You Need is Love – The Beatles

    Give Peace a Chance – John Lennon

    [I would include “Morning Has Broken” (Cat Stevens), but that’s in TEC’s hymnal, so…]