According to a report from THE TELEGRAPH, Rowan Williams has had some sort of Road to Damascus experience only a week before his visit to Zimbabwe.

Nolbert Kunonga, the former Bishop of Harare, this week derided Dr Williams as "a British civil servant appointed by the Queen and the prime minister, a civil servant on a mission".

"He is coming to represent neo-colonialism," he said. "He is coming to lobby for homosexuality and for him it is a timely move as we are making our Constitution."

Reverend Admire Chisango, the secretary for Mr Kunonga's "diocese", told The Daily Telegraph: "You know Lambeth is just a club, the Lambeth Conference is a fellowship and the Archbishop of Canterbury marries women marrying women and men marrying men. He is on the wrong side of the scriptures and commits blasphemy."

Well, I'll be buggered! After all those years that he has insisted that gay people should be placed in restraints; after all those countless, boring indaba meetings; after all the millions of dollars the Americans have spent on flying our leading talking heads around the world to exotic locations so that they could bitch at each other; it now turns out that Rowan Williams has been marrying off his special gentlemen friends to each other in secret (behind our backs, so to speak).

I am disgusted!

I don't care that he is on a secret mission for the Queen (God bless Her Majesty). I don't care that he is a human weapon of mass destruction aimed at the inhuman Robert Mugabe. This is England and such subterfuge is what you expect the French to get up to not the bloody archbishop of Canterbury.

There ought to be a law against it.



  1. No doubt about it, Dr. Rowan Williams, ABC and his twitching cheeked/lipped +buddies make me all giddy with the prospect of secret, dark roomed LGBT inclusivity at all levels of Anglicanlife…imagine, just imagine, the behind the scenes scenes he has indulged in both at home abroad? No but knows where the nose goes.

  2. Leonardo

    Your comment made perfect sense the first time around. No need to apolgize (at least to me).

  3. OK, it is a lie. In fact the communion would be better off if it were the truth. And it is not blasphemy it is Christian conduct, something the bishop knows nothing about and Dr. Williams fears. How sad!


  4. Looking for the homosexual lobby? Come to Key West and check out some of the guest houses, particularly the “clothing optional” ones. Not for the faint of heart.

  5. No, I do not believe the “gentleman.” He is a documented liar, unlike those in power in the communion.