DOGS OF THE DAY — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, doggies! When do we get video?!

    (cross that last bit out – that was Xena Labrador Mix Warrior Princess of Norwalk taking over the keyboard).

    No but really, when do we get video?

  2. What lovely creatures! The intelligence is evident in the pictures (and the sense of humor, I dare say).

    PS I took the online Anglican Bible survey (out of York I beleive) today and it asked me to list my parish. I put St. Laika’s of course. Wonder if they’ll accept that or throw out my opinions? LOL

    WV: grefulas The dogs were filled with grefulas joy as walkies commenced.

  3. Does Delphi ever say to Glenna (in Colliesian, which I assume you and the Missus speak, MP) “Wash your face! You’ve got mud splattered on your muzzle!” [To which Glenna responds—IIRC re Glenna’s personality—w/ a quick nip to Delphi’s hindquarters!]

    Me hopes to pet ’em some day (and hug their female pack leader!)…