Rowan Atkinson has launched a blistering attack on the very people he has impersonated - clergy of the Church of England. He has accused them of 'smugness', 'arrogance' and 'conceitedness'.

He told The Times Magazine, that the roles he played as the clergy he performed with little affection, despite being raised within the Church of England.

He said: 'I used to think that the vicars I played, or the exaggerated sketches that were written about clerics, were unreasonable satires on well-meaning individuals but actually, so many of the clerics that I've met, particularly the Church of England clerics, are people of such extraordinary smugness and arrogance and conceitedness who are extraordinarily presumptuous about the significance of their position in society."

The Bishop of Bradford, the Right Rev Nick Baines, hit back at his comments: "We take the hit and I am sorry that this has been Rowan Atkinson's experience. But it takes no account of the thousands of self-sacrificial clergy who don't fit this stereotype. I would be happy to introduce him to some."

COMMENT: This is a bit rich coming from a comedian who is renowned for his arrogance and who wouldn't get out of bed for the money a Church of England priest earns in a year. Basically he's just another of those passed their sell-by date British comedians who have become themselves the rich, up their own arse tossers that they made their vast fortunes out of poking fun out of. Completely devoid of any cred anymore they have joined the Dicky Dorkins bandwagon hoping that having a go at God might get them back their "alternative" status. Like alternative has a personal fortune of 100 million pounds and drives around in an Aston Martin. Rowan Atkinson - YOU ARE A FAKE!

However, I am a bit worried that Nick Baines might not be our best choice of clergyman to persuade Mr Atkinson that the Church of England clergy are not smug and arrogant.



  1. Good Lord: I thought this was one of your play-on-the-name-“Rowan” posts, MP, until I saw the link! O_o

    I echo Ellie’s question: WTF is THIS about???

    wv, “winge”: no comment!

  2. He has always made me think of someone who would grope you on a crowded bus.

  3. In reply to madpriest on the picture,

    You sarcastically called him a genius for pulling a funny face. I suggest you watch some of his shows to improve your own humour. Sarcasm is generally utilised by people without humour.

    Pulling a funny face does not make him a genius but if you are as successful in your career as he is in comedy then I would assume you have risen to the very top of your chosen profession….

    No… It figures….

    The shows of Mr Bean are shown globally and his success is rivaled by only a few.

  4. To MadPriest;

    Regarding your image of ‘Mr Bean’ aka Rowan Atkinson, RE: Pulling a funny face makes him a genius.

    I suggest you watch some of his shows to enlighten your own humour. Sarcasm is generally utilised by people without wit.

    With regard to your comments: Atkinson a fake and past his sell-by-date and without credibility:

    On the contrary… Rowen Atkinson opened the 2012 London Olympics. The shows of Mr Bean was sold to 245 countries and is still a major TV show in countless countries including most of Asia.

    Irrespective of whether his comedy appeals to you or not, his global success is unrivaled with the exception of one or two others.

    It is very easy to make derogatory comments about those in the media and take heed of published (more often than not, misquoted) comments of ‘celebrities’ in ‘tabloids.

    I am a Christian and your inaccurate scathing attack with a limited vocabulary demanding the need for cheap vulgar jibes is as damaging to the Christian faith as Mr Atkinson s comments. I suggest you read the comments from the Bishop of Bradford who responds in an objective and articulate manner.

  5. MadPriest

    RE: Earlier comment…

    Did you actually read the comments above?

    He was not attacking God but clerics. He is guilty of being stereotypical… But even then, he spoke of individuals he had encountered.

    I too have encountered arrogance and conceitedness in clerics.

    I have also encountered many extraordinarily humble clerics who have warmed my heart with their commitment to Christian principles.

  6. Paul. Like a lot of popular comedians, Rowan Atkinson takes the piss out of Christians to get a laugh and get paid. I am, as you so rightly judge, a pretty shit priest, and an even worse Christian, but this does allow me to kick back.

    Most of the humour in the magnificent Blackadder was sarcasm.

  7. I stand corrected about sarcasm. Moreover, although I have to concede I find Rowan Atkinson very amusing I have indeed witnessed the opening of one or two sketches that I find very offensive. This negates my early comments and makes me feel and look like a fool. I will also concede that a personal failing is impulsiveness; of speaking without thinking and considered thought lags behind oral outburst. I consider my comment a little harsh and in this I humbly apologise. You are right of course. God is an easy target for many in our warped world because Christianity is about love and peace, of live and let live. We may correct, advise and so forth but judgement is reserved for God.
    I will admit to being shocked that you say you are a priest… Forgive me but a giggle escaped my lips with recollection of a comedy starring Ronnie Corbett… Language Timothy…

    I am sure you judge yourself harshly. I have a legitimate medical reason for my impulsive comments that I will not publicly disclose and personal reflection concurs with your comments. The only thing I make mention of is the ferocity of your attack littered with colorful language. Surely better to follow the example of Christ with humility. Ask ourselves how Jesus would have dealt with it.

    Life is tough and it feels our world is the playground of Satan. It feels like he is gaining the upper hand with success in TV, movies, internet, magazines, newspapers and even business, but the clock is ticking, God is watching and waiting and Satan’s time is running short..

    Sorry for the lengthy dialogue.

    • No problem, Paul, and snap! I have obsessive personality disorder and I am permanently on anti-depressants. Over ten years ago now, I spent quite a bit of time in hospital. With the help of a good occupational therapist I pulled myself out of what was a very terrifying mental illness. But the Bishop of Newcastle decided that someone who had suffered from a depressive illness should not be allowed to be a parish priest. I fought to keep my job but he would only allow me to be an assistant and subjected me to a whole load of terms of employment that would be illegal in a secular workplace. For eight years I put up with this, never having a single minute off for any sort of illness. But he still made me redundant eventually saying he hadn’t got the money to employ me. Getting another job with a history of depression was impossible. So now I work as an internet priest, on the one hand making fun of the silly stuff in religion and, on the other hand, producing church services for the internet which are very straightforward and uncontroversial. It’s a bit schizo but then so am I. If you check out my blog for today you will see one of these services. I’d like you to give it a listen as I wouldn’t be surprised if we had much in common.