THINKING ANGLICANS have posted a report on the Global South primates' communique following their recent visit to China. It's the usual tub thumping but one particular sentence leapt off the page and grabbed my attention:

We have devoted much time to discuss the Anglican Communion Covenant and the Preamble by the Province of South East Asia documenting the historical events leading up to the Covenant and insisting that the Primates should be the proper moral and spiritual authority for the monitoring of the Covenant.

One of the main reasons that those of us who oppose the covenant are so fearful of its implementation is that it is obviously part of Rowan Williams' plan to place all the authority of the Anglican Communion, for all intents and purposes, into the hands of a caucus of primates with the Archbishop of Canterbury becoming an Anglican pope. The above statement proves that he has plenty of support for his plans.

I have said all along that anti-covenanters in England should be concentrating on making sure the laity fully understand that the adoption of the covenant will mean that they will be told what to think and what to believe by a small group of people, most of whom will be from cultures very different to their own. Okay, like laity everywhere, they will no doubt just ignore any instructions they don't like. But, priests do not have the same privilege as their jobs depend, even now, on towing the company line. So, at the very least, the laity of the Church of England are going to have to put up with disillusioned, broken priests preaching creationism, the innerancy of scripture, the subjugation of women and the condemnation of gay people from their pulpits every Sunday.

Far from being the salvation of Anglicanism in England, the covenant will destroy what is left of it. Mainstream, English Anglicans are not credulous bigots at heart and most of them will not hang around an institution which has voted itself into unenlightened irrelevancy. Nobody wants to be despised and if the Church of England adopts the world view of a bunch of tin pot tribal chiefs who believe that women should do as they are told by their men and that gay people should be executed, then it certainly is going to be despised by the rest of English society.



  1. Take note, people! The wretched Covenant is coming soon to a diocesan synod near you, and for the reasons MP so eloquently expresses it needs to be stamped on. Hard.

  2. MP, exactly!

    Those of us in the No Anglican Covenant Coalition, and our friends in Modern Church, and Inclusive Church who are fighting the covenant in England keep trying to make the same points. What makes me and my colleagues incredulous is that so many people are indifferent to the impact.


  3. Our Primatial Betters are *very cross* that so many of us are willing to stand in the way of their Primatially better RULE over us…

    [Perhaps their Chinese hosts will suggest they get themselves some (“persuasive”) tanks? O_o]

  4. Are these “tin pot tribal chiefs” (whatever that means) also located in the West? The belief that women should do what they are told is found every where. The belief that women should not be bishops is in the church of England!

  5. The belief that women should do what they are told is found every where.

    Maybe. But in my country our tin pot tribal chiefs at least pretend they don’t believe it.