AT ARM’S LENGTH — 6 Comments

  1. MP, unless I am missing something (entirely possible) this is a controversial blog post. Are you saying that God interferes with the free will of people as to whether they do wrong or not?

  2. The joke is based on the increasingly common practice of big business avoiding law suits for negligence by sub-contracting. It’s up to you if you wish to read anything else into it. Sometimes I create stuff without any idea what it means myself.

  3. He outsources.

    JMO, Chelliah: you can’t deal w/ questions of theodicy or freewill, w/o paradox (and the more humor, the better!)

  4. “I use the same defence that crazy bastard Saddam Hussain used. i.e. Because I’m the Boss the normal rules don’t apply to me.”

    “You’ll never get away with it.”

    “Well, the fundies believe it.”