1. OK! Either one of the paradoxes of the infinite or the ambiguity between the God you really have (or that has you) and the one you think you have. Right either way. Sorry to spoil the joke by explaining it (assuming I did).

  2. I love your explanations, F. Harry. Although they might be more complicated than what I intended. I was merely thinking about how we restrict God’s possibilities and project our smallness of mind and love of definition onto God.

  3. Oh, I don’t think God has to be anywhere near infinite to be bigger than our God is most of the time. There are plenty of humans in the world, people who I know personally, who are bigger.

  4. Unbelievably stupendous and amazing. You are a theological giant and philosophical genius. I am breathless in awe at the size of your brain.

  5. My God is bigger than your God. My Bible is bigger than your Bible. And my flatscreen TV is bigger than your flatscreen TV.