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On top of all the other problems in her life (which we've been praying about recently), our good friend, It's Margaret, has now posted the worrying news on her blog, LEAVE IT LAY WHERE JESUS FLANG IT, that her husband, Joel, has been admitted to the cardiac ward of his local hospital with chest pains. Please God, no more, we pray!


Posted by Theadora May at THE DANCING ACOLYTECAT:

I am back. I was busy with school and have graduated with honors. Now I am looking for a job in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). While I was in school, there were plenty of jobs in that field, but somehow they disappeared. I am looking for data entry position if I cannot find a GIS job. I have plenty of help where I live. I need all of your prayers.


From Mary C:

Pray for my friend who is facing her fourth brush with cancer.


From Linda:

Please include those in Texas who have lost their homes to the fire this weekend. Lots of fires still going from what I heard.


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  1. The fires near Bastrop, Texas have burned more than 500 homes and 30,000 acres of forest and ranch lands, and they are not contained at all at this point. We have had a major cooling off in north Texas: it went from 98 on Sunday to 86 on Monday and wqill be in the 80s this week, BUT there is no forecast of rain, which is the only thing now that will subdue the fires…..