From THE LOCAL (Sweden):

Sweden has taken further steps towards changing the law on gender reassignment. At the moment those who wish to undergo a sex change operation must first sterilise themselves. They must also, if married, first get divorced. The governing Moderates have now taken a stand against the 40 year old law.

"We don't see it as modern, and it doesn't fit with our view of human beings," said party secretary Sofia Arkelsten. "There's no point in making people get divorced and then get married again."

Not everyone is in favour, however. The far-right Sweden Democrats are against it, and only this June, Göran Hägglund, the Christian Democrats' party head, also said no to changing the law.

"At our party congress this summer, Maria Larsson [minister for children and elderly] was clear that we stand by the sterilisation demand," he said.

COMMENT: Bunch of Nazis.



  1. Can I pop round your place and show you “South Park’s” take on “Mrs.” Garrison’s sex change? Or just show you the latest pictures of “Chaz” Bono? Or could I just tell you that Johns Hopkins no longer does “sex re-assignment” surgeries, having found no change in mental health after the procedure is over?
    Of course, you could drop the defensiveness and stop making pitiful attempts at macho threats, but that’s expecting rather a lot, I know. But remember: once XX or XY, always XX or XY!

  2. I don’t care; I just dislike having to take part in other people’s fantasies.
    You’re born XX; you’ll die XX.
    You’re born XY; you’ll die XY.
    That’s evolution and biology. Not god and not me. You want to cut parts off and take hormones-enjoy!

  3. I don’t care; I just dislike having to take part in other people’s fantasies.

    I very much doubt that you figure in anyone’s fantasies, Certainly not in any of a sexual nature.