On time for a change, here is the service of holy communion for Sunday 4th. September 2011 - St. Laika's Harvest Festival service. Of course, it comes complete with the usual musical mystery tour. The words and credits can be found at ST LAIKA'S.

MP3 File

This week I have taken the advice of some of my Facebook friends and added a short appeal after the end of the service asking for a donation of 89 pence (the average cost of one downloaded mp3 at Amazon UK). If you already donate to my ministry I do not want you to pay another 89 pence per week as well. If you can't afford to donate or simply don't want to, it doesn't matter, please carry on downloading the podcasts and enjoying them. In any case I have absolutely no idea who downloads the podcasts anyway.

Don't forget to visit THE ANCHORHOLD AT OCICBW... everyday to read Ellie's excellent meditations.

Finally, here is a photograph of a vicar with a big marrow
(which I expect to see on next year's Wenchoster calendar).



  1. Thank you for your suggestion of this illustration for next year’s Wenchoster calendar. Unfortunately we do not feature images of pumped-up moisture-laden vegetables. The marrow’s ok, but the vicar ….

    wv = colon

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