OWN MEDICINE — 12 Comments

  1. I’m just not seeing it. I mean that literally. What you wrote is your bog-standard “pls help out” post that happens every so often. If someone can find anti-papist rhetoric in that post, their heads would explode by just glancing at my stuff.

    Just sayin.

  2. Sadly, I expect these trolls at this point. (They remind me there’s never an exorcist around when you need one)

  3. I wonder, while I understand that public idiocy is its own reward, if you should leave the troll droppings in place? You draw a lot of readers (he said with envy) and at least some are likely put off by the reek of troll.


  4. The only option I have is to vet comments before publishing. But the trolls would count that as a victory and, as I don’t care what they say, I just let them carry on unless they insult one of you lot. But, most of all, I like the sympathy I get every time they attack me.

  5. I agree Larry, especially as most of my friends are in different time zones. I can put up with the trolls if you can and I won’t employ comment approval unless there is an overwhelming demand for it from you lot.

  6. You know, they are almost like our pet trolls now – they can be counted on to show up and yap about certain regular topics, they say the same things, we smile and pat them on the head or roll up a newspaper and shake it to scold them…

    I am enjoying my hiatus from FB by the by. I’ve also shut off the news as well. Just reading my books in the woods, watching 19th century costume dramas, and checking in at OCICBW…