ADVENTUS has some pertinent things to say about how the media reported the recent "tropical storm" as if it was only happening in New York (and, believe me, not just the U.S. media - the BBC was just as guilty).

Those poor people in the areas that actually did experience a "real" storm, now know what it feels like to be anybody in the world who doesn't happen to live in the United States.



  1. Of course, this (classic!) New Yorker cover came in the “President to NY: Drop Dead!” era…

  2. Born in Boston, grew up in Connecticut (almost NY) and then went to college in Boston area (adjunct NY area except for baseball — what we play instead of cricket) and finally moved to the Rocky Mountain west: Too true — when I lived in Boston had to reassure California parents that snow was not a fatal event. Now, my weather is ignored by both East and West,