1. Ha, the likeness is uncanny.

    Personally I think he’s a sychophant who will pop the knife in the back of christians at any given opportunity. I say that from experiece.

    It is a constant source of bafflement to me as to why christians will sidle up to him.

    I’ve witnessed christians backing him against other christians without even knowing the facts of the case.

    He is a boring narcissist who has to be at the centre of attention and he gives me the creeps.

  2. I have something else to add.

    I have a few times posted negatively on your blog Jonathan. To add to my shame, I have done this Anonymously.

    I firstly apologise for acting like a troll and for doing so in a cowardly manner.

    I will not act in such a manner on here in the future.

    I have learned that us Christians must stick together, even if we don’t agree on every point.

  3. No, Sam. Couldn’t afford it. I’m waiting for the invite. Nadia keeps getting invited but not me. Perhaps I’m too controversial for them.

  4. She owes everything to us, Sam, except her good looks. And I’m sure not all the Greenbelt committee are men and lesbians. There was a time when they went for talent not shock value.

    The trouble is that I’m just not “in” with anyone, even though I’ve realised what they have all been demanding for years.