A lot of people would love to see the back of me and have come up with all sorts of malignant schemes to try and achieve this. They should have just asked nicely.

The last thing to be packed before we moved was my computer station. Grandmère Mimi was there to photograph the moment.



  1. Hi MP!
    What I want to know is what the Very Large Mug says – can it be Headship? (-:

    Cheers from Boston – where the real estate management outfit I work for is dealing with the annual exercise of musical apartments as of 1 Sept. (It’s a USA-an student thing…)

  2. I didn’t even ask. Mine was a sneak attack, and I made MadPriest jump with the flash.

    I’m told the movers had to drag him forcibly from the chair in order to load it into the van.

    I was bought it – not by Mrs MP.

    Indeed not!

    MadPriest, I’m sure you rest peacefully knowing that I have your back.

  3. Jim, that’s the old house. In the new house the MadPriests have a conservatory which is bright, if not always sunny, the weather being what it is over there.

  4. OMG the fire commissioner would close me down if they saw a tangle of wires like that lot! Where to you prop up your books to crib from? Oh, that’s right, you’re more computered than I. Bless you.

  5. In my defence I would point out that everything had been removed from the room, including my desk and I had been moved into a corner. Hence the tangle of wires. In my new place all the cables have been cut to the right length and are about as tidy as such a multitude of wiring can be.