From FOX NEWS (sorry):

An Arizona man is facing a felony count of sexual abuse after forcing his maid to inappropriately touch him and then blaming Satan for his actions. After his arrest Tuesday, the man told police that he never grabbed the victim, and said she was angry because he was going to fire her. He stated that she tried to swing at him, but hit him in the groin and that he grabbed her hand as it was on his penis.

Later in the police interview, the suspect added that he may have kept her hand on his penis longer than necessary.

COMMENT: Ah, yes, the age old question, "How long is too long for a man to hold a woman's hand to his penis?"

Send him down!!!


A controversial South African pastors (sic) now runs a church for sexual activities in which he woodwink (sic) female worshippers into bed under false pretence of cleansing their sins. The church pastor is sexually serving young and desperate women who visit his congregation with the home (sic) of rebuilding their shattered lives.

An unsuspecting troubled woman found her self in the pastor’s bed, then discovered that there were many other girls of her age also being sexually serviced by the daring “prophet” He is married and does this behind his wife’s back. Now the extra-marital affair has backfired and is the subject of a police matter after she laid charges of intimidation and crimen (sic) injury against her. And she is singing like a canary about their furtive dalliance. She alleges the pastor is a brittle-boned sissy who is being beaten up by his wife. And though he is well-endowed, he is not a marathon runner but a sprinter in bed.

“Three minutes for him is too much when we have sex.”

Other details are too graphic for publication.

The name of the pastor's church is The Incredible Happenings Church.

COMMENT: Send him down!!!