From JCF:

Please pray for my cousin and his family, who lost his daughter, age 13, to (genetic) heart disease.


From Mary Beth:

My husband Ken has 3 more radiation treatments for throat cancer and a long road to recovery ahead. Please pray for his patience. He is depressed.


From Maggie:

It seems as though my father, who was diagnosed with Alzheimers about 17 years ago, may pass on soon. He has not eaten much for over a week now, and in fact, seems to have forgotten that he needs to swallow his food much of the time. The case worker at the nursing home he is in says that there is a definite decline over the last few weeks and that my family should be prepared.

I would like to ask for prayers for his easy passing, and also for my mother, who may very well fall apart in the weeks and months after. She has had a very hard time dealing with his illness pretty much the entire time he has been sick and is extremely resistant to reaching out for any help whatsoever.

He may pull out of this: it has looked very bad before, and he has done so anyway, but I honestly don't know this time. On top of everything else, his and Mom's 50th wedding anniversary is on August 30th.


Posted by pmPilgrim at

Came home this morning from hospital. Pain ranges from a low of 1-2 to a high of 8. Keep it moving slowly. Thanks for all your prayers.

Our friend has just undergone scheduled surgery on his spine.


Posted by Song at WITH A SONG IN MY HEART:

I have been having some weird health stuff for the last two months, which doesn't fit the pattern of any of my existing diagnoses. Blood tests a few weeks ago; I haven't heard back, which might mean they are normal, or might mean that nobody has bothered to ring me. I have an appointment with my GP on Monday. I am hoping to be taken seriously, and that the good doctor might have some idea what is going on. Prayers appreciated.


Posted by Penelopepiscopal at

I do have a prayer request. There are a lot of people who need work these days. Unemployment and underemployment continues to be a scourge, affecting people and families of all ethnicities, classes, genders. Few career categories are exempt, either.

So please remember those who need work, and especially those who are losing hope because they've been out of work for so long or because it's just so hard to keep hearing, "No."


Posted by Ormonde Plater at THROUGH THE DUST:

Murdered this week in New Orleans area:

8/11 unknown ? F Unknown Orleans body found in Armstrong Park
8/12 Antonio January 29 M Shot Jefferson
8/13 Garelle Smith 29 M Shot Orleans
8/14 Milton Davis 22 M Shot Orleans
8/15 Samuel Peters 50s M unknown Orleans
8/15 Cheryl Russell-Cheavious 31 F Shot Jefferson Shot 8/11 and died 8/15
8/17 Charles Smith 46 M Shot Jefferson
8/10 (identified 8/15 ) Jateese Hudgins 21 F strangled Jefferson

Please pray for the victims, their murderers, and their families.


Two teenagers are in police custody after a 14-year-old boy died in a pool of blood near a playground in north London. The boys, aged 14 and 15, were arrested following the stabbing of Leroy James, Scotland Yard said. The victim was left slumped against a park wall after the incident in Enfield as young children played nearby.


Two men were yesterday jailed for at least 30 years for shooting a teenager dead in a revenge attack. Shervin Irvani, 20, and Ithai McPhee, 21, gunned down Marvin Henry after a row at a party.


The murderer of headmaster Philip Lawrence told a court yesterday of the day he killed him in a gang fight. Learco Chindamo, 30, told Blackfriars Crown Court in central London he came to the UK aged six and was in a gang and "doing bad things" by the time he was 15.

On December 8, 1995, he and others went to St George's Roman Catholic School, in Maida Vale, North London, to "sort out" trouble with a pupil. A fight broke out and Mr Lawrence, 48, tried to break it up. Chindamo recalled: "As he tapped my shoulder I struck him and I've kicked him. I think I said, 'F*** off'.

"He tapped me on the shoulder a second time. I stabbed him. I've turned around and I've stabbed him in the chest."



Pray for our young men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for their families:

2nd Lt. Joe L. Cunningham, 27, of Kingston, Oklahoma
Sgt. Edward J. Frank II, 26, of Yonkers, New York
Spc. Jameel T. Freeman, 26, of Baltimore, Maryland
Hospitalman Riley Gallinger-Long, 19, of Cornelius, Oregon
Sgt. Matthew A. Harmon, 29, of Bagley, Minnesota
Spc. Dennis G. Jensen, 21, of Vermillion, South Dakota
Spc. Patrick L. Lay II, 21, of Fletcher, North Carolina
st Lt. Damon T. Leehan, 30, of Edmond, Oklahoma
Pfc. Rueben J. Lopez, 27, of Williams, California
Spc. Jordan M. Morris, 23, of Stillwater, Oklahoma
Cpl. Nicholas S. Ott, 23, of Manchester, New Jersey
Master Sgt. Charles L. Price III, 40, of Milam, Texas
Spc. Joshua M. Seals, 21, of Porter, Oklahoma
Spc. Joseph A. VanDreumel, 32, of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pray also for the fallen heroes also of our coalition partners, and for the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan who have died, unnamed and unknown to us, and for those who mourn ... and for an end to this endless war.



One person has been seriously injured and others hurt in the Israeli town of Ashdod by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip, Israeli officials say. The missile was one of 12 fired at southern Israeli towns on Friday.

The attacks came after Israel carried out air strikes in Gaza, targeting those it blamed for an attack on Thursday in which eight Israelis died. Palestinians say at least seven people were killed in the Israeli raids, including a senior militant leader.



Disaster-weary Japan has been rattled by another strong quake, which measured at a preliminary magnitude of 6.8, triggered a tsunami warning and sent people diving for cover. The Friday quake struck the Pacific seabed not far from the epicentre of the March 11 quake-tsunami disaster. The quake caused buildings to sway across Tokyo.

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  1. Oh, Penelopepiscopal, thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me [Well, MadPriest will think you’re thinking of him—but I’ve been out of work for so much longer than THAT amateur… 🙁 ]

    Prayers ascending for all in need!

    [Re my cousin. What’s most distressing—shameful—to me, is that while I vaguely knew Mark was married and had kids, I didn’t know their names . . . much less, than his daughter had Kawasaki disease, and after a traumatic attack (of a few days) resulted in her death. To hear my father say “You know how your cousin Mark (my father’s younger brother’s youngest, BTW) had a daughter w/ this thing called Kawasaki…”: I felt a ghastly sense of out-of-the-loopness. I probably saw my cousin several times a year when we were kids—how the f@ck did I become so detached? :-/ Kyrie eleison…]