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He lives with our good friend, Dennis, who writes:

Jackson had a rough patch this week, and he spent the night at the emergency 24 hour vet because it was not looking very good. And then he turned it around. We were really expecting this week to be curtains for the good boy but he must have decided that he needed more time with us. He is still weak and he is on some strong medicine that is still playing funny with his stomach. But he is doing much better. 

Jackson - you're a star!


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  1. I’ve got to say that it is great to come around and see at the top of the page a picture of Jackson. He really is doing much better. he was very slow and weak on his walk this morning, but he has really come around this week. thanks for the good wishes.

  2. 105 pounds. Although he lost a lot of weight over the past week and a half and dropped to 97. He is half Ridgeback and half Boxer, and he’s just under 9 1/2 years old. The beach scene is from the beach on Lake Michigan at the end of our street. He loves to go splash in the water, but he’ll have to wait for that until he gets better.

  3. One of the reasons I had been so worried about him this week (on top of the advice from the vet to prepare) was his lack of interest in any of his old toys. I tried tempting him with the evil stuffed toy squirrel, the squeaky stuffed toy chicken, his favorite tennis balls, along with many old dirty toys that I never threw out. The whole box of dog toys was brought out this week, to no avail.

    We have a game that we have played for over nine years. Everyone has a silly game that only they and their dog know, and ours is called “Gibme dose toes.” It involves me pretending to try and take a toe while he pulls his paws back. He pretends not to notice until I am just millimeters from the toe and he yanks it away. After about five minutes of that he is usually so excited that he jumps up and runs around for a minute before racing back for a cuddle.

    Tonight after his dinner (with a much bigger appetite – a good sign!) and a short walk and nap, I thought I would play a few seconds of “gibme dose toes.” He got so excited that it went on for four or five minutes. The sparkle was back in his eyes. He then ran around the room before jumping onto the couch next to me where he put his head in my lap and went right to sleep.

    It is a good night. It was the best evidence I’ve had that, no matter what happens with his health over the next few weeks, he is feeling much better right now.

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes and thanks MP for featuring such a good old boy on your front page.

  4. Awwwwwwww!!!! :-)..

    Re “Gibme dose toes”: the one I had w/ my first dog, Mitzi, was called “Push & Paw.” Our dogs are too good for us, really they are…