Forget the riots. There is now a far greater threat to British culture than anything a few thousand chavs could engineer.

Our new enemy is Matt Walton, a digital producer and product manager from Brighton (where else?), who has, in blind disregard for the almost complete negative reaction elicited in the trials, forged ahead with his evil design of replacing the brilliant, user friendly Radio Times listing site with something more suited for a boy band fan page. It has been overwhelmingly rejected by the users of the old site and yet it appears that he will still get his trendy, wrongheaded, style for style's sake, way. It is hip hop culture writ large.

But, for the time being, the old format still exists and can be found hidden HERE. We have changed minds before (remember the great BBC 6MUSIC campaign?) and we can do so again. If everyone keeps on using the old site and refuses to use the new site, maybe someone with real authority, will see sense and save both the day and our beleaguered national identity.



  1. Absolutely. Remember, if the BBC lowers its standards the rest of the world might as well kiss their asses goodbye as well. It will all be over as far as civilisation is concerned.