A Rembrandt sketch, stolen on Saturday night in a "well-thought-out, well-executed theft," has been found and recovered from an Episcopal church in Encino, California.

The piece, called "The Judgment," was stolen from the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, but was quickly found on Monday when authorities received an anonymous tip that the artwork had been seen in Saint Nicholas Episcopal Church.

Deputies found the sketch in the office of Father Mike Cooper, but as of yet no one has been arrested in association with the theft.

COMMENT: Dammit! I was going to the church's next jumble sale.



  1. A more complete story (and one that is less misleadingly phrased) can be found in this Los Angeles Times story – After Rembrandt heist, mystery thief finds religion.

    The thieves apparently couldn’t figure out what to do with it — it can’t be sold. They left it in the rector’s office while the assistant was temporarily away. There’s no claim that anyone at the church had anything to do with the theft.

  2. My dear, Doctor, where is the entertainment value in less misleadingly phrased stories? Really, if you after accuracy in reportage I suggest that Mark Harris is your man. 🙂

  3. Mark is a blogging hero of mine who produces PRELUDIUM. Do check it out, Jane. It’s very good stuff. But he is my antithesis insomuch as we cover pretty much the same ground but he does so with Christian good manners and erudition.