From Tim Chesterton:

Just wanted to let you know, for the next time you post a prayer list, that Joe died early Wednesday morning August 10th. I've announced that on my blog here, also talked about his blog and a bit more about his life, plus a lesson he taught me when I took him communion in hospital. Prayers for his wife Alisa and their children Emily, Adam, Sarah Joy, and Justin, are much appreciated.


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Pray fer yer Padre cuz I'm havin' one hella time finding employment en los estados unidos de América. For some reason, Search Committees are not inclined to hire estadoünidense priests who have been serving as missionaries in Central America.



Two men, two women and two young children have been killed in a knife attack in the Jersey capital of Saint Helier. The murder suspect, a 30-year-old man, was also injured. He is in police custody at Jersey General Hospital, where he is recovering after surgery. The attack, is believed to have involved members of the same family.



Bomb blasts ripped through three Iraqi cities today, killing 39 people, including 34 who were gathered at a market in the southern city of Kut and shattering what had been a relatively peaceful holy month of Ramadan.



Renewed heavy gunfire is reported in the Syrian port city of Latakia as a military crackdown on unrest entered a third day. Activists say 27 people have died and that residents trying to flee the Ramel district, including women and children, have been fired on by troops.

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THE PRAYER LIST: 15TH. AUGUST 2011 — 7 Comments

  1. My husband Ken is in his final week of treatment for throat cancer. The end of radiation is torturous. Please pray for his patience and courage, as well as physical strength to heal.

  2. I grieve with those who mourn; I pray for those who are oppressed.

    And my heart is with Padre Mickey. I wish with all my heart I could offer him my church, to take my place there.

    I serve a bi-congregational church. I’m the priest for the anglos. A Puerto Rican missioner is the priest for the latinos. We two are equal priests, neither of us junior to the other. We both serve each other’s congregations and we do as much together as possible. I preach in Spanish when it’s my turn at the monthly bilingual service.

    And Padre Mickey should be in my place, not me, because I am not truly bilingual. I’m at about a three year old child’s level. My church deserves a Padre Mickey, but we just may close because not even all of us together can afford to keep up the building, much less give Padre Mickey a living. All my prayers today are for Padre Mickey, and those in TEC who have such poverty of vision.

  3. Also praying for all these folks, especially Padre Mickey. Once, many years ago, my Dad was a former missionary (in his case, in the Arctic) looking for a parish back home.

  4. May Joe rest in peace.

    {{{MB & her Ken}}}

    Prayers for all in need (esp. Padre Mickey), candle lit.

    TBTG that the OCICBW Prayer List is back! 🙂

  5. Sincere prayers are offered and will continue to be offered for all.

    May Joe rest in peace.
    May those experiencing grief be comforted.
    May Padre Mickey find the right situation for him.
    May Ken be upheld in his difficult ordeal.
    May wars cease throughout the world. (Please, God.)

  6. May God be God and may we be his creatures, trusting in his loving care. A time will come for simging when all our tears are shed.