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  1. The actual move went very smoothly. The previous owners didn’t take much care of the house so I have spent a couple of weeks sorting the place out. The only real problem was with Sky who led me to believe they would have everything up and running by 2nd. August but then took until today to get me online. As we’re not on fibre optic out here in the wilds of county Durham my connection is ten times slower than I am used to be and that will probably drive me back into madness very quickly.

  2. It is good that you are:
    (a) back online;
    (b) able to afford to buy a house; and
    (c) able to afford to pay a subscription to Sky TV.

    We continue to struggle with (b) and (c) has only ever been in our dreams. And you say you need *us* to send you money. Pah!

  3. Ha! When it comes to my blog, I ask myself “why” along with “how on earth did this happen” every day, SR. Believe me, no one is more surprised at its success than me 🙂

  4. The Mad Priest he did move to new shack
    It was compact, but nothing did lack
    True the net, it was slow
    But the blog soon did glow
    Even trolls were all pleased he was back

  5. I have worried about the trolls, Boaz. I hope none of them did anything silly to themselves due to the crushing disappointment of me not being around for a couple of weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if my absence caused the riots recently. Anonymous trolls are the hoodies of the blogosphere.

  6. Just on that point about your rioters and looters. Don’t ship them here. We are not open for business anymore with that sort of thing.

  7. MP, have you ever seen bees repeatedly bump up against a glass pane trying to get through? That’s the image of have of frustrated trolls over the past few weeks. Me – well, I’m packing up my valise here at the Betty Ford Clinic and so happy to be getting back to my addiction. Welcome, back.

  8. Happy dance around the room. Madpriest is back! Madpriest is back! Madpriest is back! Thank God Almighty, Madpriest is back!
    Big welcome back.

  9. Welcome back! I didn’t know where to lurk each day the past couple of weeks.

    Don’t worry, one eventually gets used to the internet speeds out in the wild.

  10. I’m with pseudoKevin – Aimless wandering from website to website. Selfishly, I’m glad to have you back where you belong given how this contributes to a return of normalcy to my new normal. Of course, you have my full sympathy and empathy in regards to the move.

    Welcome back!

  11. Welcome back, Mad One. It will be good to settle in again for the usual goings-on…..:-)

  12. Welcome back! Your biting comments about the lunacies of the world have ben missed.

    Now, when you get an email address…. I’ve lost access to Chinwag (perhaps I just don’t remember how to login)


  13. I thought I felt a disturbance on the Force…!

    During your absence I felt moved a couple of times to post the immortal words of C3PO: ‘Do come back, R2 – you wouldn’t want my life to get boring, would you?’ but of course you had the comments turned off!

  14. Oh dear, I can’t log on to Chin Wag either. I hope when you get time you will let us know your new e-mail address and logon information. Peace and blessings.

  15. I would have thought that any bandwidth issues would have gone away while you were gone but then I realized that troll made up for it by hitting refresh on your blog a couple of hundred times an hour. Welcome home

  16. I hope you have taken the intervening time to reconsider your role in encouraging people to become involved in the kind of behavior that usually goes together with mental illness. You have a special responsibility to deal responsibly with this.
    The authors of a study done in The Netherlands were surprised to find so much mental illness in homosexual people in a country where tolerance of homosexuality is greater than in almost all other countries.
    Another good comparison country is New Zealand, which is much more tolerant of homosexuality than is the United States. Legislation giving the movement special legal rights is powerful, consistently enforced throughout the country, and virtually never challenged. Despite this broad level of social tolerance, suicide attempts were common in a New Zealand study and occurred at about the same rate as in the U.S.

    In his cross-cultural comparison of mental health in the Netherlands, Denmark and the U.S., Ross (1988) could find no significant differences between countries – i.e. the greater social hostility in the United States did not result in a higher level of psychiatric problems.

  17. Oh, Anal Troll, how happy are YOU to have our MadPriest back! To give your miserable life meaning!

  18. I hope you have taken the intervening time to reconsider your role in encouraging people

    I don’t encourage them, troll. I don’t need to. They do it because it’s good, God-given fun.

  19. Maddie! You have no idea just how much you have been missed. Oh,and OCICBW too…

    Glad you’re back (but I may only say this because of the mental illness prevalent in gay people as documented in the Netherlands, of all places!).

    Would be grateful if we could have your new email address some time.

    Almost (but not quite, you’ll be relieved to hear) tempted to send you a kiss x

  20. Wow, welcome “home” (Mr Kotter’s old theme song) “Now all shall be well, all manner of things shall be well.”

    Now mornings will get off to a crashing start again! Super!


  21. It is a commonly accepted fact in England, Erika, that all Dutchmen are gay (it’s all that tiptoeing through the tulips) and permanently stoned on cannabis. As for madness, I would put that down to it being so flat over there – the craziest people in England live on the fens.

  22. “why was Jesus born gay?”

    You swore before Almighty God to serve the Lord Jesus Christ — did you not? — and not to blaspheme Him and play it all for laughs.

  23. You swore before Almighty God to serve the Lord Jesus Christ — did you not?

    I did. And it doesn’t bother me in the slightest that he was gay. In fact, to consider not serving God incarnate because of his sexual identity is blasphemy, ye of little (real) faith.

  24. ¡Por fin! You are back. Hooray! Life is back in balance including the asinine comments from anon about mentally ill gay people. We do not by any means have a corner on the market.

  25. Welcome back Mad Priest! I join in the welcome chorus…
    Do I detect a drift southwards? Not sure where you were before but it sounded fairly near the North Pole. County Durham sounds quite hopeful – any chance of your getting South of Watford in your next incarnation?

    Your affectionate ‘teaser’ and ‘teasee’


  26. I have a feeling that the chances of getting Mrs MP to move out of her new house (not owned by the church) in the near future are as likely as me moving south to take up the post of archbishop of Canterbury, Laura.

    We are about 7 miles south of where we used to live but a million miles away from the bastard bishop of Newcastle.

  27. There are millstones for people like you.

    And there’s the stench of brimstone all about you, An(al)ymous. Back to the HELL it came from w/ your LIES!

  28. Homosexual people are at substantially higher risk for some forms of emotional problems, including suicidality, major depression, and anxiety disorder, conduct disorder, and nicotine dependence.

    The first study was on male twins who had served in Vietnam (Herrell et al. 1999). It concluded that on average, male homosexuals were 5.1 times more likely to exhibit suicide- related behavior or thoughts than their heterosexual counterparts. Some of this factor of 5.1 was associated with depression and substance abuse, which might or might not be related to the homosexuality. (When these two problems were factored out, the factor of 5 decreased to 2.5; still somewhat significant.) The authors believed there was an independent factor related to suicidality which was probably closely associated with some features of homosexuality itself.

    The second study (Fergusson et al. 1999) followed a large New Zealand group from birth to their early twenties. The “birth cohort” method of subject selection is especially reliable and free from most of the biases which bedevil surveys. This study showed a significantly higher occurrence of depression, anxiety disorder, conduct disorder, substance abuse and thoughts about suicide, amongst those who were homosexually active.

    The third paper was a Netherlands study (Sandfort et al. 2001) which again showed a higher level of mental-health problems among homosexuals.

  29. Can’t help it, got to laugh! Where else but OCICBW would this happen? Read the welcoming comments, one after the other, setting a tone of happiness. Then ‘salted’ in several places are the angry and and off tone and off thread rants of Anon. It’s like listening to a happy piece of music going along and then the ominous clashing of angry chords breaking in. Or an opera with serene music, then the ominous undertones introducing arias by the bad guy…(or gal)
    Gee, troll, lighten up, please!

  30. Welcome back, Mad One! Glad the move went well. The internet has been a far less lively place without you.

  31. Anonymous, I’ve had more depression and suicidal thoughts than anyone I know. That must mean that all these years when I thought I was a woman, I’ve really been a gay man. Somebody tell my husband and kids!

    WV is tephob. It should be sillytroll.

  32. Evil Troll. Demoniac Troll. Hellish, Damned and Unhallowed Troll.

    Silly is too kind a word for such absolutely conscious and wilfull evil. It is a mind rotten without the soul that gave it life.

  33. FWIW this troll thinks your wife is a real, modern-day saint. How she puts up with you ignoring her pleas to just get a job and bring a regular income into the home, so that she has a bit more certainty over feeding and clothing your children, I’ll never know. You can be a selfish, uncaring bastard sometimes, MP.

    Perhaps your apparent unwillingness to take advice from others, and your somewhat pig-headed approach to continuing to place your desire to promote your own views by way of this blog over the very real needs of your family will come home to roost one day?

    Don’t you realise the world didn’t fall apart when you went offline for a bit? Get blogging into perspective; stop placing it above your wife and children.

    Go on, read this troll’s post to your wife. I dare you!

  34. A former homosexual who has carried on an effective ministry for five years among homosexuals reported, ‘I have counseled over three hundred homosexuals and have yet to find one that enjoyed a warm love relationship with his father.’ We have to try and counsel these people, not encourage them to act out self-destructively.

  35. Great to have you back, MadPriest!
    Ignore the ongoing troll enema; I pity them getting all stopped up whilst you were away!

  36. I am so proud to be an atheist when I read religious trolls and the people in weird clothes who feed them.
    There is no god and I couldn’t care less if Rowan Williams and John Sentamu hung out in public toilets performing oral sex for money.

  37. 12 August 2011 09:04

    That Anon’s who I think it is, isn’t it? {Le Sigh}

    I swear, when I observe the Love of Christ that Christians DON’T have for each other, I sometimes think my brother was right for converting to Judaism…

  38. Actually, he makes an interesting comment, JCF. He says that there is no god and then concludes from this that there is, therefore, no morality. Anyone can do what they want as far as he is concerned. He doesn’t care. Of course, this means that other atheists shouldn’t care if a mugger knifes our angry little troll in the gut and leaves him for dead.

  39. I don’t think we’re talking about the same Anon, MP (I don’t *think* the one at “12 August 2011 09:04” is an atheist. OCICBW.)