In some ancient cultures it is believed that if you rub Dennis Roberts on the top of his head and spit three times on the ground you will be granted your greatest wish.

Well done (again), mate!


DENNIS IS ON A ROLL — 19 Comments

  1. The Taoiseach denounced the Vatican when speaking before the Dail. Went after them for obstructing justice in a sovereign nation.

  2. and I’m hoping that luck carries on. I have a cardiac stress test tomorrow morning and if it turns out well then I just go home with a lecture on improving my diet and exercise and if it goes badly I’m up for one of those days where they feed a tube up an artery to take pictures of the inside of the heart. I don’t want the latter, so fingers crossed for good results tomorrow. Thanks!

  3. back from my tests and apparently all is well. I must lose 30 lbs and get my cholesterol and anxiety levels down. But all in all the scare that began the ER in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago has come down to a lecture on healthy living. Thanks for the good wishes!

  4. What would you have done had your prayers not been answered? Does god get a free pass and never gets blamed for anything?

  5. anonymous, no you obviously don’t know me. I’m (one of) the resident non-religious ones around here. But I am thankful for my friends here thinking of me or sending good wishes or even saying prayers. I gave up on doctrine and belief, including the belief in doubting. Who needs the set answers? Even doubt can be a form of fundamentalism if you push it too far. The easy answers don’t work for me, but having a good crowd of friends, like I find here, does. I just hang on to community for all it is worth now. That’s what we have here and it is what I have found in this crowd since Dec 2006.

    Nobody gets a real pass in life and the answers (religious and non-religious) don’t work for me. That’s why I need community.

  6. I’ve checked and I can’t find any mention of gods or prayers in this post. That’s not unusual as I don’t think about God 24 hours of the day, unlike this troll who seems obsessed with God.

  7. Can we have some of this luck stuff too? Joe has put in for a few more jobs that he found online, including one at INS.

    If you’re a “pray-er” then do that. If you’re a good luck wisher, then do that. If you’re a finger crosser, then do that. If you dance nekkid in the moonlight for the more “earthy” holy powers, then strip down and shake it, baby. LOL!

    It’ll be a while before he can even interview for the INS job, but what the hey….