I like American programmes especially detectives. I watch them everyday.

They are American programmes and they are set in America. That seems fair.

"Torchwood" was a British programme. It was set in Britain. In fact, it was one of the few programmes on our national network that was set in Wales. But not anymore. Evidently, the only way that Americans could contemplate putting money into the new series was if the BBC agreed to set it in the USA.


My guess is that the vast majority of Americans won't watch anything that is not set in America even though the American economy is kept afloat by everybody else in the world watching stuff set in America.

Well, enough's enough. Even though I love "Torchwood" and have just watched episode one of the new series I will be watching no more. There comes a point where you have to face down the bully even if it hurts to do so.

I wonder, when it is broadcast in the USA if they will dub the Welsh actress' lines.



  1. By your own admission, it was the BBC’s decision to set this program in the US. Why is America the bully? And, yes, I’m making that inference since, though I *can* read, I *can’t* read minds.

  2. A little xenaphobic tonight aren’t we? The last DR Who series was also set in the USA but so what? Torchwood tonight was thought-provoking, and only part of it was set in America. We also had some wonderful comments about the Welsh and Wales! (And over here in this part of East Anglia, the nearby old Roman Road used to be the boundary between two ancient tribes. Up until the early 19th century those to the east of the road referred to our area as being populated by “the Welsh” – ie: forgeigners! and some differences still remain.)

  3. Gwen still has her lovely accent. And Captain Jack still has suspenders. This I could see working. What I don’t understand is why we remade Being Human when we could have just brought over the British version.

  4. Well, that’s funny. Most of my friends really love programs set in the UK!

    Is the new Torchwood showing stateside yet? (Probably is or will be on cable which I don’t get.)

  5. The rest of the series is set in the USA. The first episode was just to get the cast over to the US as quickly as possible. This means that there will only be two British actors in the rest of the series. And I’m not being xenophobic because I admitted to watching US programmes everyday. I just think that we have so few SF shows set in the UK that we shouldn’t get rid of them.

    I don’t understand why you remade “Forbrydelsen,” Alice. I understand even less why a British TV company paid out money to show it on British TV when everyone here was so enthralled by the Danish original.

  6. I don’t know, Ellie, but my hunch is that most of your friends aren’t typical of the majority of Americans when it comes to cultural stuff. Most of my American friends aren’t. The fact that they read my blog sort of indicates that they are aware of a world outside of the States.

  7. it is on a pay channel that I apparently don’t get in my cable tier. Oh well.

    BBC America I get, but they butcher the few good programs they do show and put idiot stuff on like “Brit Movie” which are simply old movies, mostly from the ’80s with one British star in them. If you’re lucky to even get the connection. Lately, they’ve been showing “Star Trek – The Next Generation” because it has Patrick Stewart on it, so that makes it British too, I guess.

  8. I’m willing to bet that there will be lots of human gore (as Americans have been obsessed with this since “Silence of the Lambs”) and the chances of Captain Jack getting any on screen gay action are zero.

  9. Defending the intelligence of an American network executive is a lot like defending the virtue of an Illinois politician. So, I won’t.

    I suspect you are half correct. It is likely that an executive on our side of the pond wanted an American setting and that one on your side gave it to him. Stupid but then we are talking TV executives.

    In fact, shows set in England do very well here. BBC-America does well with its spin off of “Law and Order,” PBS lives on British comedy, Vicar of Dibley is in syndication all over the place here.

    So, if you are correct, and I think it was something like we both suspect, then why pick on the actors, producers or cast? Why deprive yourself of a good show? No way we can pound brains into these people on either side of the pond. You might as well enjoy the show while it lasts. American commercialism will kill it.


  10. Well…you are probably right there. Since it is on a premium channel there is a chance they may tuck it in, but violence rules in this country over relationships.

  11. It’s on Starz, so it should have plenty of gore (already saw enough for me) AND gay action (never enough, really). Spartacus, also on Starz, is nothing but gore and sex of all varieties. Spartacus definitely didn’t shy away from gay sex scenes. So there’s hope yet for Jack.

  12. I’m forced to boycott it, because it’s on premium cable. 🙁

    I wonder, when it is broadcast in the USA if they will dub the Welsh actress’ lines.

    Um, it was (first) broadcast in the USA a few days *before* it was shown in the UK (more Yank bullying! Well, STARZ wanted to get their money’s worth, before the pirated copies showed up on the internet. No, I haven’t looked for it there…yet). Neither
    our (fiercely!) intrepid Welshwoman, nor schlubby Welshman, were dubbed.

  13. All I get from this post is confirmation that Brits still harbor the same prejudices against Americans that Americans have against the Brits. No need to “dumb down” your television as there are perfectly capable Americans (myself included) who love British shows regardless of the sneer that accompanies it.

    As one commenter noted, Dr. Who has been set in the states quite often. Big deal. I don’t watch television because it’s set anywhere, but only if it’s a quality program. And yes, we are perfectly capable of understanding Welsh. No dubbing required.

    Perhaps it’s this very attitude about Americans that furthers the stereotypes that are only true for a small portion of the populace. I’ve been disabused of my notions of the British public by being here for a few months. In fact, like us, British television has its share of stupid, mind numbing television programming.

    Perhaps a trip to America and interacting with many varieties of the people is in order. Perhaps not believing everything you hear about Americans on news mockery shows might be in order. America is a vast country. Don’t paint with such a broad brush and perhaps we can all get along?

  14. I never mentioned dumbing down in my post. What I did say is that I love American programmes. In fact I watch far more American dramas than I watch English ones because I think that, overall, they are better.

    It is not me who is belittling the intelligence of Americans but the execs of the American TV companies who obviously believe that Americans are incapable of watching stuff unless it is set in the USA.

    My complaint is that we have lost a rare example of a sci-fi show set in Britain, with all the opportunities that allows. The only refreshing thing about all this is that at least the two British actors who have been allowed to stay in the show have not been forced to speak in a phoney posh or cockney accent.

  15. “Facing down the bully” is kind of reactionary language as well as “the vast majority of Americans won’t watch anything that is not set in America.” Really? I’ve never known this to be true and I spent 50 years in America. The reason some don’t watch is not the setting but the lack of quality and the slim choice of programming from BBC America. We can only watch what’s offered to us by the television conglomerates after all.

    At any rate…I don’t see what difference where it’s set makes. Torchwood: Miracle Day showed that the problem of not dying was international and that our governments are all involved. CIA, MI5, et al.

  16. Well somebody with power thinks that Americans won’t watch anything that isn’t set in the US or there wouldn’t be so many re-makes and the new series of Torchwood would be set in Wales.

    If it doesn’t matter where it is set then why bother Americanising the format in the first place?

  17. For once I actually agree with MP! I am sad that they can’t continue it in Wales. I think that really made the programme what it is. Now it will just be another American drama… I won’t be boycotting as I love it too much though, sorry 🙂

    For those stateside can you get onto the BBC website? because the episodes are usually on iplayer for free for about a week after they have been shown here:

  18. “even though the American economy is kept afloat by everybody else in the world watching stuff set in America.”

    Can you back this up with any actual citations, please? My understanding is that it is the other way ’round.

  19. Bad Alice – if they show Captain Jack in suspenders I would certainly watch, and I’m female heterosexual!