Well, Rowan's flirtation with Christianity didn't last long. Despite all the praise he has garnered over the last few days at General Synod for his references to divine love and all that he just couldn't stop himself from reverting to his normal, passive aggressive, bullying self the moment he didn't get his own way over something.


The latest clash between the Archbishop, the spiritual head of the 80 million-strong worldwide Anglican communion, and Synod members centred on the appointment of a new chair of the Church’s business committee, who will help set the agendas for future assembly meetings, which usually take place twice a year. Church authorities had proposed that the Bishop of Dover, the Rt Rev Trevor Willmott, should be appointed to the post. But the Bishop of Willesden, the Rt Rev Pete Broadbent argued that a bishop should not hold the a post.

“They have to defend the rights of the back bench members. They have to say no to Church House, the House of Bishops, the Archbishops' Council and to retain control of what comes on the Synod agenda - something they have lamentably failed to do of late, leading to a creeping centralisation and a number of very thin Synod agendas.”

The Bishop of Dover told the meeting he wanted to withdraw his name from the nomination for the post as a result of apparent disquiet among members.

Dr Williams then told the Synod how strongly he disapproved of their behaviour.

“I think we've been quite properly embarrassed by what we've just heard - and so we should be,” the Archbishop said. “If it's assumed that the perspective of a bishop is inimical to the interests of the Synod as expressed through the business committee - that is a perception that needs dealing with I think rather seriously. We have spoken quite a bit over this weekend about the need to build trust within Synod. I don't think that we build trust very effectively by acting on the assumption of suspicion.”

COMMENT: He is like a headmaster telling off naughty pupils during school assembly. He really is incredibly patronising. And it's such an obvious bit of psychological manipulation and disingenuous to the extreme.

Pete Broadbent is right. Williams has been trying his hardest since he got the top job to centralise the decision making work of the church into his appointed curia. Any member of General Synod who isn't completely blinded by the illusion of Williams' supreme wonderfulness can see that. To be honest he has every right to involve himself in church politics in such a way. He holds a view, some agree with him and others hold a contrary view. Even within a Christian community there is a valid place for such debate. What is definitely not Christian is using Christian platitudes as a tool of emotional blackmail.

It really is embarrassing to be represented by a man who throws such unbecoming hissy fits in public every time someone calls his bluff.



  1. I had such high hopes for this office after Carey vacated.

    It’s so disheartening that the Communion is headed by such a bubbling vat of egoism stirred with the stick used to hit dissenters over the head with.

    It’s time for the oppressed to truly rise but I doubt it will happen.

  2. I think all of you are missing the real news from this synod.

    Dr. Williams affirmed his ban on Canadian, American and Southern Cone theologians who are contaminated by membership in churches he considers ill behaved.

    He can do that, I guess. He has demonstrated a certain disregard for things like justice and process. So as he enforces a covenant his own church has not agreed to on other churches that have not agreed to it, he is making the schism a fact on the ground.

    No way in the world General Convention, even with its appeaser wing in full cry, is going to approve a budget that funds ACC when opponents wave the ban in front of the deputies.

    Once USA de-funds ACC the whole ball of string will come apart. The Archbishop who was so busy bullying us into “keeping us together” will have killed the communion.

    Is anyone out there paying attention? USA alone provides over 20% of the ACC budget, Canada about 10%. Absent TEC and AC Canada, it is toast, bankrupt toast. Oh, Dr. Williams will blame us, we know that. But it won’t wash. He is killing the communion.

    We won’t go alone. I think at least 10 other provinces will fall away. At least half a dozen more are committed to FCA, AMiA, AMiE inter alia. That leaves England with 2 provinces and a smattering of others. For all practical purposes the “communion” will have no representation in Africa!

    He is leading you to disaster.