We pray for the members of our community who are poorly or in distress at this time and for those suffering hardship. God be with them!

We rejoice with those for whom life is good.


From Dede:

Please give thanks for the end to my radiation treatments and continued good health.



Our friend, Dennis, has his dissertation today after many years of study. Please pray that he will be successful so that he can put all the academic silliness behind him and get back to manically blogging like he used to 🙂


From Jim:

Please pray the for Rev'd John Dolan (vocational deacon) who while visiting his son in California was taken to a local hospital where emergency surgery was performed. His appendix and a section of his colon have been removed. I do not have any information on his condition or eventual return to his home here.


From Catherine:

I would ask for prayer for myself for relief of deep, persistent depression and the isolation that accompanies it.


From Robert:

We've just been approached with a proposal to set up a food bank at Ladywood Methodist, in Birmingham. It says something about the state of the country that things like this are having to be set up, but we will, of course, give it our full support. Please pray for this scheme, and for the needy people in the local community.


Posted by James H on Facebook:

Please pray for Pat who died unexpectedly today (11th. July). Please remember her daughters, Debbie and Linda, and her husband, Laird.


Posted by Dino at FACING THE MOUNTAIN:

I'm really saddened to have to say that Peter died over the weekend while we were away. He'd been battling throat cancer for a long time now, but that doesn't make it any easier. Peter was a great guy who rarely asked for anything and on the few occasions when he did you knew he was desperate. He was part of my men's bible study group in the community.

Also on a sad note... almost three weeks ago Michael had a minor heart attack and as ever the ambulance refused to attend! This is one of many occasions in which the emergency services have refused to enter Chris Nissen. I eventually heard about this a couple of days before I broke my wrist and went to see him and was shocked by how rough he was looking. Being the muppet that I am I then broke my wrist and was unable to do much to help Michael. However on Monday last week we got him to a local Dr for a check-up and ECG which led to a referral to hospital on Wednesday.


Please pray for our friend, Red, at APPLES OF GOLD, who is under the weather at the moment and still waiting for the medics to find out the underlying cause of her problems.



At least 53 school children have died after their school bus crashed into a pond in south-east Bangladesh. The accident occurred in Mirersarai, 240 kilometers southeast of the capital Dhaka. The children were returning home from a soccer tournament when the bus skidded and fell into the pond. Police and witnesses say as many as 80 children between eight and 12 were on board.



The heat and the drought are so bad in this southwest corner of Georgia that hogs can barely eat. Corn, a lucrative crop with a notorious thirst, is burning up in fields. Cotton plants are too weak to punch through soil so dry it might as well be pavement. Farmers with the money and equipment to irrigate are running wells dry in the unseasonably early and particularly brutal national drought that some say could rival the Dust Bowl days.


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THE PRAYER LIST – 12TH. JULY 2011 — 3 Comments

  1. For Dennis: the dissertation defense is far and away the easiest and most satisfactory part of the Ph.D. Program.

    By this point, you know more about your subject than the people examining you. You are the expert in the room.

    Go Dennis!

  2. …but then they assign you lengthy, graduation-delaying revisions *anyway*. Just because they can. :-/