DIE APPLE, DIE! DIE! DIE! — 12 Comments

  1. I need last rites, Jonathan.

    I have absolutely DIED from the lethal levels of cute here.

  2. Between the “butt wiggle of death” and the “barrel roll of doom” and the way he puffed himself up at the camera at one point – oh yeah. It slew me dead.

  3. While we watched this, howling, bubba the cat (age 10) decided to attack an apron string as it was clearly in need of restraint. It was a mighty battle, but the apron eventually lost.

    So do kittens grow up to be cats!

  4. I love how the music was so coordinated to the action!

    Seriously, Kitteh, w/ slices of ham and (!) cheese, Granny Smith apples really aren’t so scary…