It's probably just a phase he's going through brought on by the realisation that he's getting closer to meeting his maker as every day passes, but the Archbishop of Canterbury has told General Synod that he has decided that he wants to become a Christian. Evidently during his recent trip to The Congo he met some black people and, as is often the case with middle class, white liberals, the experience made him go goose-pimply all over. He also discovered the true meaning of love whilst he was there, which is making a big thing out of rescuing little children whilst condemning any adult that is in the slightest bit different from the tribal norm to everlasting damnation preferably brought on by a bit of judicious queer bashing and the like.

Anyway, the whole back to Africa experience has left him "thinking that there is nothing on earth so transforming as a Church in love."

Of course, that would be a Church in love with a peer appointed leader who brooks no dissent and who isn't afraid to put the boot into his best friends publicly whenever some bigot with a bit of influence over a load of other bigots starts mouthing off like Adolf Hitler.




  1. Any chance he might return to Africa and stay for good?

  2. ...”if it wasn’t for the Church no-one would have cared for these young people.”

    It’s wonderful that these Christians care for these young militia but the Archbishop needs to back up a bit and look at the causes not the outcomes.

    Children are best loved by their families, full stop. (or period as the Yankies would say).

    These young people all had mothers (and/or fathers) and sisters and brothers who loved them and cared for them long before they became militia. And loved them much more than the church ever could.

    It is when adults don’t love each other, for all sorts of reasons, (tribalisms as you say MP) that the trouble starts. And then the children suffer.

    So wheredo we see the hate and tribalism in our own world, in our own church? And to what extent is the church aiding and abetting the hatred in these African countries?

    If we say it is right and proper to hate homosexuals (and some of them might be our neighbours and friends whom we happen to like) then surely it’s OK to hate anyone that we really don’t like.

    Get onto it Archbishop! Put a stop to hatred. Now that you’re a Christian.

    wv: bless

  3. White Anglican/Episcopalian people seem to be afflicted by a common problem. We LOVE black people as long as they are not in our midst. And we want to help them by sending white Anglican/Episcopalian people to do labor in countries where the local black population unemployment is in excess of 50 per cent — because it makes the white people realize important things which are good for their spiritual development. My feeling is F**k the spritual development of priviledged white people and deal with an effective (if not dramatic) way of working to erase the root causes of the poverty that makes then so spiritual.

  4. “. . as is often the case with middle class, white liberals, the experience made him go goose-pimply all over.”

    Precisely. It’s a safe “them.”

    They don’t look like us, they aren’t among us, it doesn’t cost us anything (“For just a few cents a day . . .”)and they are a popular cause, because people like him pity (as opposed to have compassion for) them.