May God bless Sally from the ETERNAL ECHOES blog who was ordained by the Methodist Church in England at the weekend.


Liz at FINDING LIFE HARD? is a grandmother!

Jamie Robert was born on 4th July at 2.57 pm. He weighed in at 6lb 13 and a half oz!



We pray for Göran and Joe.

From Tim (4th. July 2011):

Thanks for your prayers all; early indications are that Joe seems to have come through his surgery okay; I'll update you as soon as I know more.


Please pray for our good friend, JimB, who is going into hospital for quite a serious operation on the 21st. July.


Please pray for Tom who is not too well after suffering a tooth abscess and what appears to be a bad reaction to the antibiotics he was prescribed.


From Brian:

Please add my mother to the next prayer list again. She had a setback yesterday and had to be hospitalized due to complications from the medication she was prescribed. She will be in hospital for the next few days while the monitor her heart and run tests and try to modify her medications.


From Ellie:

Cookie who is eighteen years old is now in her final illness and very close to death. Cookie's human, a young woman named Casey, is understandably distraught as Casey was only seven years old when Cookie became her cat.

Please do whatever you do: send thoughts, offer prayers, practice compassion meditation for them both.


Posted by Sir at WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS, SIR?:

It was with great sadness that I discovered this morning that David had died. He was a pupil of mine. He had complex additional learning needs and life was not easy for him. I had grown very fond of him.

Some weeks ago David stepped out into traffic and was knocked down. He suffered devastating brain trauma. Initially we were told that he would spend up to two years in a special neurosergical ward and that he would never make a full recovery. He had his sixteenth birthday in hospital.

A week ago he developed an infection and required further surgery. Then he was moved to a hospice. He died yesterday afternoon.

Please pray for David's foster parents and his younger brother Michael at this time.



As many as 197 African immigrants were killed on Sudanese regional water in the Red Sea after a boat, which had been illegally transporting them to Saudi Arabia, caught fire.


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THE PRAYER LIST – 6TH. JULY 2011 — 32 Comments

  1. Prayers also for Dan, who just got out of hospital where he was receivng treatment for a really bad diabetic ulcer on his heel. He’s in a nursing home rehab facility until docs say he can go home. He is also in stage 4 renal failure, and I think he may also have fibromyalgia or arthritis.

    He’s only 45 years old.

  2. MP, thanks! I hope it will be rather routine — the surgeon expects that it will be.

    The serious concern is that I take Plavix, a very strong anti-coagulant that makes me susceptible to uncontrolled bleeding. We decided which hospital to use based on the availability of my cardiologist, whom the surgeon described as “the most important guy involved.”

    What I expect is an uncomfortable week. But then the unexpected is always out there.

    Thanks again to all who pray.


  3. Prayers for all.

    My earnest prayers, JimB. You’re always on my list.

    Thanks for the prayers for Tom. He just returned from a visit to the doctor with a diagnosis of colitis as a side effect of the Cipro he took for his abscessed teeth. The doc said that the disturbance will run its course, that he needs no medication. I concur. I like a doctor who does not over-treat. I’m urging yogurt on Tom.

  4. Tom doesn’t like yoghurt. I’ve advised Mimi to buy the cultures in capsule form but I seem to have been ignored.

  5. MadPriest, please forgive me for not mentioning that you were right!!! I told Tom, but I guess he needed to hear it from someone with the letters after his name.

    Ann, we have the active cultures. The Greek yogurt is delicious. It tastes like sour cream. We use it on our baked potatoes now instead of sour cream.

  6. MadPriest, you don’t understand. The capsules would be medicine. The doctor said Tom needed no medication, so he won’t take the capsules. Please! I can only do so much.

  7. on baked potatoes– you put it on after the potato is baked just before eating — so not killing.

  8. That’s fine. I assume you let the potatoes go cold before you put the yoghurt on them. And have you asked Tom about the capsules?

  9. The purpose of the Greek yogurt on the baked potatoes is good taste, less fat, and fewer calories. If a few bacteria die….

    And have you asked Tom about the capsules?

    To be honest, I have not asked him. After 50 years, there are things you just know.

  10. You are right because you wanted to be right. After 50 years you know exactly how to phrase a question.

    Please do not bother me with your family’s minor ailments anymore!

  11. I carefully phrased my question in a neutral way.

    Please do not bother me with your family’s minor ailments anymore!

    How unkind! Tom’s illness was hardly minor. He’s been sick for well over a week and lost weight that he could not afford to lose. Nevertheless, I will not bother you further with “minor” prayer requests.

  12. I’m sorry about Tom, Mimi. Can you dissolve the capsules in something to medicate him unknowingly?

    BP’s friend T. died on the 4th, from a recurrence of pancreatic cancer. He was in his 50s, and died at home surrounded by his family (his youngest just finished college.) BP and her RC folk-choir friends “played him home” Sunday night.

    (Yes, before becoming a high=church Episcopalian, BP was a guitar-strumming Catholic folkie.)

    Between losing BP’s cousin, Kirstin and now T, we’re feeling a bit …. death ridden right now.

    w/v “fillness” We’ve had a fillness of death…

  13. It’s not medication, IT. Mimi is trying to get Tom to replace the bacteria that a course of antibiotics killed off. He doesn’t like eating yoghurt much. I suggested Mimi bought the cultures in capsule form from a health food shop. They are more concentrated than Activa and a lot cheaper.

  14. [Getting this strange urge to huck a spoonful of yog(h)urt at BOTH Mimi and MP right now. >:-/]

    Prayers for all in (so much) need. Repose for the deceased, comfort for the grieving…

  15. A sad but beautiful update from Casey:

    Dear little Cookie died this afternoon on our back porch with me, my brother and my mom petting her. She was loving and noble to the end. We had a lovely funeral for her, my dad made a little box that I painted with flowers and trees and a sunset, my mom wrote her a letter, and my brother dug out the dirt. If ever a pet was laid to rest with love, it was this cat. She now has a pink rosebush residing above her. It was really touching how unabashedly my whole family gathered around her to pay respect in whatever way they needed to. Thanks so so much for all of the prayers and thoughts. It’s mainly just very reassuring to know that other people love their animals this much too, and that generally they agree that it’s worth it. To love. Thanks again, see you next week.

    – Casey

    Needless to say, I write now with tears in my own eyes. I can’t tell you all how helpful it was to be able to tell Casey about this prayer list and to assure her that people post about their animals all the time here.

    My love to you all.

  16. Ellie, that is sad but touching. I will pray for Casey and family tonight.

    WV: kingsang: and the King sang a hymn of happiness and joy when the souls of beloved pets joined the heavenly chorus!

  17. Enjoy your Golden Kitty Tail, Cookie. Enjoy to curl up w/ a little gray Russian Blue variously known (around my place) as “Smokey” or just “Kitty Friend” (as she was the kitty friend of our Labrador, Sasha). {{{scritches}}}

  18. Casey scamper across the rainbow bridge. Your humans will be along presently, you know how they take a while.


  19. IT, I’m with you on the death overload. Five and counting since last November. I haven’t felt this way since the 1980’s when so many of my friends died of AIDS related complications. I keep humming There’s Got To Be A Morning After and burning up the air with prayers. You and BP are in mine tonight.

  20. Off-topic:

    This guy, Rob Tisanai, is a great gay blogger…

    …but that’s not why I’m sharing the following.

    It’s just for the Massive Kewt (and it sounds like a lot of us could use some KEWT right about now). Enjoy!