Amy and her friends would have the world believe that the church in Africa is made up of super-Christians, especially when compared with the church in the developed world.


With a few notable exceptions, the African church is more connected to the corruption and graft of the secular world than even the established Church of England at its most grovelling. The homophobia of the Nigerian church is just another expression of an unenlightened, pre-modern, immoral mindset that also encourages its bishops and leading laity to believe that handing out gongs to the political thugs that keep Nigeria stuck in an eternal dark ages is a righteous thing for the Bride of Christ to be engaging in. The truth has to be told and damn the consequences - the Nigerian bishops are tin pot generals in a tin pot church in a tin pot country run by tin pot opportunist grifters masquerading as politicians. The fact that Nigeria is going to hell in a hand cart is nothing to do with a lack of foreign investment and everything to do with the fact that nobody wants to do business with such a backward and corrupt people other than other corrupt people.

Of course, there are perfectly decent, honest Nigerians. I know this because most of them have managed to escape to England.



  1. With a few notable exceptions.

    I guess what set you off was how few these exceptions were, compared to the glory of your own radiance (go out and feed the hungry, for one) and that of “your people” who you are O so convinced are not backward and corrupt as “those Nigerians”.

    For someone from a country that gave the world Maggie Thatcher, you sure speak fast.

  2. schedule’s not busy.

    your blog is not humble.

    you have no honour.

    your racism, however, is like fresh dog shit stuck to a shoe: hard to ignore, because it is O so still there.

    hope things are now clearer to you and your patronizing, lazy persona. now please get back to not having a real job -while still whining because you have not had returned the job you lost on account of being such a lovely, mature, self-controlled and overall positive fella.

    My holiness, your racism…. I will stick to the non racist option, thank you very much.

  3. I have honour in not being anonymous, troll. I stand in the light when I speak so all can see me. You spew your hatred from the shadows in shame and anonymity.

    I win.

  4. I don’t talk to racists, thank you very much. To racists, I only scream. I think you’ve heard me.

  5. I win. I always win.

    You always lose, troll.

    Because you are nobody.

    I, on the other hand are somebody and that’s what annoys you so much. And because I make you so jealous, I always win.

  6. nobody, somebody, lose, win…

    buddy you are kind of a basket case, aren’t you? And I mean, basket case, as in ‘stuck in kindergarten mode’ kind of basket case.

    Jealous? I have had not much of a choice in learning part of your life story. In your dreams, buddy. Maybe not even there.

  7. Wow! I win again. This is too easy. To be honest, it embarrasses me a little. Winning against a nobody.

    I will always win because you are a coward People know you are a coward and a nobody because you are too scared to put your name to anything you say. So they automatically declare me the winner.

    You are such a little coward. A nobody.

    And I win.

    And you lose.

  8. Of course you win, MP.

    Even more because such a person screaming “Racist!” has no concern whatsoever about the grinding poverty and misery in many African nations. If they did, they’d be too busy helping them to take the time to respond here – and it simply would make no difference to them. They would be trying to cure the ignorance, corruption and abuse in Africa, not ignoring or defending it. Some things about being a decent human being transcend culture or faith or race.