This brought tears to my eyes and I want
to share that experience with you.

This is a classic of its genre (the "Where does he find them?" genre) and so I am prepared to give 2000 days off purgatory for absolutely anybody who gets all the way through it.



  1. I think this should be added to the “soundtrack of our lives” bar.

    Oh, and I claim my 2000 days. I”m gonna need them for laughing at the “reach out for help” line.

    …and then it just ends, without ending. What’s that about?!

    Now, back to “loud Friday” to wash out my ears.

  2. Okay… Gimme the 2000 days. Did she manage to hit even a single note correctly? I don’t believe so, and I’m hoping her atonality is not catching.

  3. Ow…ow…ow…the world is indeed filled with a bit more pain after that—or at least my ears are. I’m here to collect that 2000 days. I’ll need them for rooting for the neighbor with the axe.

  4. Heh heh, just a little folk music Yew es AAA style! I’ll take the purgatory, thank yew :>)


  5. Just to repeat the question I’ve been asking that’s never been answered, “Why does he look for them?”

    Don’t bother; we know the answer and love you anyway.

  6. 2000 days, thanks.

    “Oh My Soul!” Her poor soul indeed. Forget the neighbours. How can her soul put up with that?

  7. Heh, Heh….piece of cake, gimme the 2000 days. Catchy little tune, what there was of it….. Oh wait, I got up at 4:00AM and I’m not awake yet…..

  8. “They are like stray cats, johnieb. They find me.”

    Oh, that’s very funny, MadPriest!

    This one makes me want to GO to Purgatory just to get away from it. Sheesh.

  9. From about 2.50 on – hilarity!

    At least she was better than the “Omazing Gray” singer, who has taught us the very important lesson of never inviting a crackhead to your granny’s funeral.

    I have NO idea what THIS chick’s excuse is.

  10. 17 seconds and my fingers slipped on the keyboard or it might have been less. Some people really should be shot before they attempt to “sing” in public.


  11. That Other Jean, you took my comment. The world is filled with pain–from this “song,” if that is what we are calling it.

    As for the stray cats, this sounded like stray cats fighting and screeching in the night.

    All that said, I still get my 2000 days off of purgatory. (I had a shink tell me once that I was tough. Making it through to the end this really proves it.)

  12. This scared the hell out of Gus and he ran out of the room, esp. when she broke it down and got all American Idol at the end. LOL