In England, a very evil man has been found guilty of murdering a thirteen year old girl back in 2002. The investigation and, latterly, the court case, was not satisfactory and a lot of mud is being slung about today.

The Chief Constable of the police force involved has gone on record to condemn the defence council for ripping into the deceased girl's family during the trial. I don't know what exactly happened but what I do know sounds absolutely ghastly. The family have received justice but at what price? The deceased girl's sister stated that she had been more upset and devastated by her family's treatment in court than she had been when the police notified her nine years ago that they had found her sister's body.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine was being treated disgustingly by my friend's boss. So, I wrote to my friend's boss's boss and suggested that the boss's boss had a quiet word with the little boss and sorted everything out in a Christian manner. I got an email back from the big boss telling me to butt out and pointing out that if my friend had any complaints about the little boss then my friend should go to the "independent" committee that had been set up by the little bosses to deal with complaints against little bosses.

The thing is my friend only had need to go through the complaints procedure because my friend had been sorely abused. So my friend was, no doubt, at a low point in life, and struggling through all the red tape and then an intrusive, combative legal hearing would only make matters much, much worse.

I myself withdrew my claim against my former employer on the grounds of discrimination, as soon as my former employer instructed his solicitors to get nasty. I did this because I believed that having to go through such a stressful battle, even though I was advised I would win, would result in damage to my health - ironic as it was this health issue that I claimed my former employer had been prejudicial about.

Basically, the only way an abused person can get justice and recompense in our legal systems (at whatever level) always involves having to go through further abuse. No wonder so many abused people never even bother to seek justice or give up at the first sign of maliciousness from the abuser's camp. We know this is true of rape victims, but it is also for every other person who is bullied, abused or treated unjustly by criminals and people with power.

As it is often said, our legal systems  care more for the wellbeing of the perp than the victim. But what is the option? Do we presume people guilty until they are proved innocent? All that would do is swap the unfairness from the accuser to the accused and the accused are not always guilty.

I don't know what the answer is but, as a person who has been intimidated into silence and accepting a crappy life by bullies, and as a person who has seen many other people suffering from similar bullying, I am certain that our present system is shit. It kicks people when they are down and even a five year old boy in the school playground knows that to do that is totally unjust.



  1. Once again I will lay this at the doorstep of Capitalism – a system in which money talks. In addition to the further “abuse” you speak of, often most little people in this country cannot afford to take on the big guys. The cases are deliberately dragged out and often folks back off, are forced to settle, or don’t even try. Did Elizabeth just post something along the lines of “power” dynamics or something? In which we are programmed to “compete” and that is why resolving conflict is so difficult because it has become the equivalent of verbal club wielding and the strongest man wins? Or did I read that here, MP?

  2. Excellent essay, MadPriest. This really sums it up:

    “Basically, the only way an abused person can get justice and recompense in our legal systems (at whatever level) always involves having to go through further abuse.”

    Sadly, I don’t know what the answer is either.

  3. Dear MP, As you know, I fully understand your situation (similar to mine)and share your feelings. Even though I am barred from discussing the particulars in the case of my fellow co-workers and me, sad to stay it still drags on. Most recently payment was promised in the last two weeks, but it never surfaced. It will be six years on July 1. Whoever said, “Justice delayed is justice denied,” was evermore right.

  4. You are right in all you say – and I don’t know what the answer is, either. I would hate to see a situation of “guilty until proven innocent”, but I wish there were more resources and power given to help those who have suffered abuse of any kind.

    I became mentally and physically ill due to a work and boss situation and had to stop working because of it. It took five long years and two appeals of painful fighting to get the disability compensation I was entitled to. I couldn’t have done it if I’d known what would be involved. AND I wouldn’t have fought at all if it had just been for me, but there were vulnerable clients involved, as well as co-workers who would have been next in line.

    The injustice and unfairness of it all still shocks and sickens me. Ironically, that outrage also brings a bit of comfort and hope, because I’ve become a more compassionate, loving person – more “Christian”.

  5. I am not a fatalistic person. I believe people—individuals and groups—CAN make positive change…

    …and yet I wouldn’t be strong enough to go on, fighting for change (in my own little corner of the universe, and With My Peeps), IF I didn’t put my faith in an Ultimate Vindicator.

    There simply isn’t any guarantee, that any specific bully/bullies will Get Theirs, in this life (or more importantly, that the Righteous Wretched of the Earth will Get Their Reward).

    But I DO believe “it will all come out in the wash.”

    And that gives me HOPE to keep on keepin’ on.