It took me a long time to buck up the courage to get involved with the Facebook crowd. I am a person who likes to concentrate on one thing at a time, given the choice. But I got fed up of being out of touch with so many of my friends from my early days of blogging and it became obvious that the mountain was not going to come to MadPriest. So, I sussed the place out, worked out the etiquette and jumped in.

I hope I am doing it properly. I think quite a lot of bloggers see Facebook primarily as a place to advertise their blogs. I have tried to keep that to a minimum. I get involved in the conversations and post a lot of stuff to Facebook without links back to OCICBW.... Basically, I've watched carefully what Padre Mickey does and then copied him. For an American he has quite good manners - it must be all the time he has spent outside of the USA in more civilised countries such as Panama.

Anyway, I think I'm now up to speed and so I would like to ask any of you who are on Facebook and who are not yet one of my Facebook friends to consider dropping me a friend request. I would really like that, especially from those of you who rarely comment on OCICBW... but feel more inclined to talk about yourself on Facebook.

I go under my other name of Jonathan Hagger over there and I hang around at THIS ADDRESS.

Don't be a stranger!



  1. Take your time and check out the lay of the land. I am suspicious of anyone wanting to be my friend when I’ve never laid eyes on them. Those with thousands of friends are ignored, especially if they’re not named Pitt, Jolie, Madonna, or Clooney. I friend those I know and have a sort of rapport with and those who ‘get’ my humor.

    Self promotion is also a turn off for me. Those are never friended.

    That said, welcome aboard the crazy train. Enjoy the ride. I’ll be happy to be your friend. Crazy folks must stick together, after all.

  2. What Paul said! I am really glad that you are there. For good or ill, time is an issue for me and sadly I do not (I was just saying this to Jane earlier today. Facebook allows me to keep up and peek in on some blogs.

    I know that I was really glad to see you there… and it helps me to stop by here more often.

    You’re doing great.

  3. Thanks, Fran and yes, I was referring to you in the post. So if ever upset anybody on Facebook I shall just say it’s all your fault and direct them to your wall.

  4. I am your friend and just told you over there that I am susan s. here, but there I am Susan Sheppard Hedges.

    Susie Sue

    VW = poondog

  5. I am over there as myself (imagine!) and I am Jonathon’s friend too. I am Jim Beyer.


  6. I don’t know if it’s official etiquette or not, Mimi. As I said, I just followed the example of bloggers like Padre Mickey and Elizabeth Kaeton. What I have discovered is if I post something to Facebook in full rather than just a link I get comments from people on Facebook which I don’t receive at OCICBW… if I just put up a link. Furthermore, by following this policy, the number of visitors to OCICBW… and St. Laika’s has increased rather than decreased.

    But the most important thing, spending time getting involved in other Facebookers/bloggers conversations, you do already.

  7. That’s a great honour for me, Wendy. Not you becoming a friend, of course, I’m referring to the possibility of being befriended by feline royalty.

  8. NOte to readers:

    When you send MP a friend request, you can add a message telling him who you are if your name is different.

    I post my blog on FB because otherwise only 3 people read it. by posting it, we get about 10.

    I notice from another blog that I run, that more people read it on facebook than read it “for real” on blogger. So much for all that careful blog design and graphics.

  9. IT, some of us have been MP’s friend for yonks from when he was first on Facebook, and it had occurred to me that he might not make the connection.