Some excellent advice for homophobes with children can be found at ON TRANSMIGRATION.


Kittkatt is kicking against the pricks again. This time it is conservative catholics, trying to close down an exhibition of Christian gay art, who are in her sights. Pop over to JESUS IN LOVE BLOG and give our friend your support.


John has posted an excellent personal testimony and call to arms concerning the continuing struggle to get same sex marriages recognised by the individual states in the USA. Check it out at CHURCH STUFF-MORE OR LESS. Honestly, it deserves to be read by a lot of people and as you are a lot of people you should read it.


Hurray! THE WORLD OF DOORMAN-PRIEST is back up and running. Jack has posted a lengthy and eye-opening piece on the crap he has been through courtesy of his former church's leadership over the last few years. It's a must read.


Please check out my update on the trial of The Rev. Amy DeLong on today's PRAYER LIST. At the moment it's not looking good for the courageous minister.



  1. Thanks, Madpriest. This controversy is getting hotter today with the Irish bishop denouncing it as “offensive.” Since this show is in Ireland, I’m especially glad to have support from you and others in the UK.

    As for me “kicking against the pricks again,” well they kicked first. I decided to blog about this when I visited the conservative Catholic websites (with names like America Needs Fatima) and saw how they had organized major email campaigns against University College Cork for the queer saints show. And I do like the pictures of Our Lady falling in love with a mermaid.