From CNN:

A nine-year-old girl who says she was kidnapped by militants in Pakistan and told to be a suicide bomber was reunited with her parents Tuesday. The girl, Suhana, was kidnapped on Sunday by two men with weapons and two women wearing burqas. She was on her way to school when they seized her and drugged her.

Suhana was driven to the Darra Islam checkpoint in Pakistan's Lower Dir district and told to detonate a suicide vest that the abductors had put on her. Instead of detonating the jacket, after getting out of the car, she started shouting and running towards the paramilitary frontier corps soldiers stationed at the post. She was arrested, her explosive vest was taken off and she was placed in custody.

The Pakistani Taliban have used children as suicide bombers before, but there have been few cases, if any, of children as young as nine.

COMMENT: The thought that men and women can conceive of a god who would rejoice over an obscenity such as this is heartbreaking. The thought that millions of people refuse to condemn these evil people can lead only to utter despair.

Just nine years old, this little girl has the eyes of a woman who has lived a hundred years in hell. Sometimes I wish for our obliteration from the face of the earth.



  1. There really is very little hope for these people, both the victims and the fanatics who prey on them. The practice of Islam as they do it, and their medieval social culture will keep them poor, backward, and isolated. If none of the muslim countries had any oil, we in the west would not be at all interested in changing ther lives. There is a saying in Saudi Arabia, “My father rode a camel, I drive a car, my son flies a jet plane, his son will ride a camel.” It is regrettably true; many of the oil producing countries have done far too little to prepare the citizens for their life after oil.

  2. One thing we can always count on: humans’ inhumanity towards humans will always bring out trolls to make things worse.

    Prayers for Suhana and her family.

  3. RE: “Sometimes I wish for our obliteration from the face of the earth.”

    Now you’re talking like my atheist coworker Mike, but the difference between you and he is that he blames religion for all the crap people inflict upon each other – all religions. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Unitarian, pagan, Shinto, you name it, if it’s a religion, he hates it and blames it for things like this.

    But he also talks to dead people.

    Go figure.

  4. Tracie,

    Next time Mike starts, say, “I know, right! I just hate how these people point to a group whose worldview is different and blame them for all their problems, and sit around bitching and moaning about them and think that just getting rid of them – instead of actually looking at ways to improve life all around – is going to make the world magically better! I mean, what kind of dumbasses . . . oooooh, wait. I’m sorry.”

  5. Mark,

    I am SO going to do that. 🙂

    Of course, subtlety is usually lost on him, and he has all the imaginative depth of a teaspoon, but what the hey. It might be funny to see how he responds.