Guess what arrived in the post this morning dated 16th. June 2011?

My permission to officiate.

It was accompanied by a scribbled note that states:

"I understand from the Archdeacon that you have asked for Permission to Officiate in the Diocese which I duly enclose."


Oh well. You've all seen his letter from February 2010. That you know what I know will do me.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (2) — 32 Comments

  1. My goodness! What a birthday surprise. Better late than never, eh? I am happy for you, MadPriest, truly. My heart is full.

    Sorry about the cable cutoff. That was not a nice birthday present. No one can say your life is not eventful.

  2. Well, well! Happy Birthday indeed!

    I don’t suppose you have some friends in the area who might need some Summer holiday coverage? You are too good a liturgist to waste.

    In any event, happy, happy!


  3. well, theres a turn up! maybe they thought they ahd let you suffer long enough.. like the others I hope this produces some work in th near future.
    Happy Birthday too!

  4. As I know what officiating as the PRIEST YOU ARE means to you, MP, I say

    Thanks Be to God!

  5. !Happy Birthday! I keep hoping that the C of E lurkers are checking out St. Laika’s and susing out that u r a super sensitive liturgist and your skills are very much of value and your knowledge of music & liturgy enriches all sorts and conditions of persons, etc!!!


  6. You’ll never believe me but I swear I was thinking about this just this morning…almost like I knew it was coming.

    Tracie the Red

  7. This is welcome news.

    If your part of the world is anything like ours, there are frequently more funerals than hours in the day (or so I am told). Now, what’s stopping you making friends with local incumbents and funeral directors alike, offering your services?

  8. What fantastic news. The congregations where you officiate will be the recipients of this birthday present.

  9. Miss one day, and it turns out that it’s your birthday! I hope it was extremely happy, and that you make an occasion to use that Permission to Officiate promptly. Congratulations on both.

  10. Happy belated birthday and congratulations for the permission to officiate. You now can see yourself as a priest. May the doors continue to be opened as this one has been opened.