1. Now that is one terrific commercial.

    Ah, but I’m not buying what they’re selling. You see, I’m a not a typical English grandmother.

    And I fully expect a brilliantly witty response after handing you that line, MadPriest.

  2. You’d never see that on US TV. But it describes many of our grannies. Or ourselves. We don’t belong here…

  3. I often make PG tips for coffee hour, I put a little sign up that says “Anglican Tea”.

    Maybe I should switch to gin though…

  4. I like Yorkshire Gold better than both of them (a suggestion our knowledgeable host gave me some time ago).

    But yeah, Grannie and her gin are a real bit of all right 😉

  5. When I left my hotel in Leeds two years ago, the staff gave me gifts of Yorkshire Gold Tea and chocolates. When the tea ran out, I wanted more, but Yorkshire Gold is so expensive over here.

  6. Joe says he likes, in this order:

    1: tawny port (with a cigar)
    2: apfelkorn (German apple schnapps)
    3: asbach (German brandy)

    He says you can’t expect the poncey French to do brandy properly. LOL

    And of course the only reason the English do decent beer at all is because they’re descended from Germans. And as far as the Gaels go, if it doesn’t come off of a sheep or out of a beehive, it’s completely useless. HAHAA!!!


  7. Mimi,

    Not too pricey here, but I suppose that’s an advantage of living in a large city 😉 I can find Yorkshire Gold not only at Whole Foods, but Central Market and a few, other supermarkets as well…

  8. David, I use loose tea. The Whole Foods Stores in New Orleans don’t carry the loose tea, but I just looked at Amazon, and the price is about the same as the Twinings that I purchase there. Thanks for prompting me to investigate.