As I have often had need to explain to my American readers, we have a law in England, "The Benny Hill Statute" that requires us to always employ a double entendre whenever the opportunity presents itself, especially in the most inappropriate situations. Failure to do so can result in an on the spot fine and complete social isolation. Unlike on matters of morality and general decency the Church of England is, surprisingly, not exempt from this legislation which explains this gem that came out of the mouth (as opposed to coming into the mouth) of the Archbishop of Canterbury's secretary for public affairs, George Pitcher, recently in reference to a spat between his master and former Catholic Herald columnist, Christina Odone (I wouldn't mind catching a glimpse of the hole in her layer). THE TELEGRAPH, reports that George commented about the Archbishop's performance in this tiff thus:

"He took her roughly over the canapés,
but he’s always doing that."

Excellent one, George.

Now, I've never heard the Reverend Pitcher speak but in my imagination he said the above with full Anglo-Catholic, camp flare. Which is, of course, the only proper way to carry off such high quality innuendo. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I would hate to think that I am just sitting here playing with myself.



  1. Yes I did enjoy the post and I you can be reassured that we don’t have a budgie, we do have three gold fish though.

  2. Thank goodness for that! I can cope with the massacre of goldfish but seeing little Tess sitting there with those big innocent eyes and blue and white feathers sticking out of each side of her mouth would be just too much for my delicate constitution and mental health.

  3. I have heard of the Japanese culinary delight of eating your dinner off a naked woman, but the mental picture I have here is quite disturbing, involving as it does Ms. Odone’s back covered in crushed vol-au-vents, various types of cheese, all mixed with smoked salmon and the remains of some delicious biscuits.

  4. [Disclaimer: I was on an 11-mile hike today, and I’m frickin’ exhausted. My BFF, who came along, refered to my church’s hiking club as “another St. Michael’s death-march”. *LOL*]

    “He took her roughly over the canapés, but he’s always doing that.”

    Crikey, I can’t see the first entendre!

    And this one:

    “I wouldn’t mind catching a glimpse of the hole in her layer”

    Translation? [And is she related to the Lorenzo’s Oil Odones?]