We continue to pray for Kirstin and Andee.



From Brian:

Thanksgiving for my mother whose colonoscopy went well yesterday. She has a condition that seems to be treatable with medication right now; the biopsies will come back next week. She is resting.


Posted by Di at THE KITCHEN DOOR:

I've got good news: I've gotten into Lancaster Theological Seminary's new Chaplaincy track MDiv. I'm really excited.



From Petty Witter at PEN AND PAPER:

Hi Jonathan, if you could mention Themethatisme. Feeling unwell since Monday, he was taken into hospital on Tuesday evening with what first appeared to be a flare up of his Crohnns Disease but turned out to be food poisoning - not good but better than a flare up of Crohns.


Please pray for a friend of mine whose marriage is causing her so much unhappiness that she is considering separation.


From Brian:

Continued prayers for me. I haven’t heard back about my job interview and am getting quite nervous and depressed again, though I am fighting it.



I lost my beautiful and beloved Dad a few years ago. It wasn't a tragic death in the sense that he sort of went when it was time, and he went peacefully - but he was my dad. Due to many factors, only recently did we inter his ashes and in his memory plant a young tree. It would have been just what he would have chosen too, so we felt proud. That little tree became important not just it was a little tree, but because it was dad's little tree. If I had courage to say or believe it, that tree became the next nearest thing that we had to dad.

Until that little tree was vandalized and snapped. Killed, murdered, defiled, desecrated. To me, my mum and probably to my brother and sister, it isn't the murder of a tree that would have grown strong and proud over decades, but of my dad and his memory. I am left unable to get breath.



Pray for our young men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for their families:

Spc. Emilio J. Campo Jr., 20, of Madelia, Minnesota
Spc. Michael B. Cook Jr., 27, of Middletown, Ohio
Pfc. Matthew J. England, 22, of Gainesville, Missouri
Spc. Christopher B. Fishbeck, 24, of Victorville, California
Spc. Robert P. Hartwick, 20, of Rockbridge, Ohio
Lance Cpl. Jason D. Hill, 20, of Poway, California
Lance Cpl. Joshua B. McDaniels, 21, of Dublin, Ohio
Capt. Michael W. Newton, 30, of Newport News, Virginia
Lance Cpl. Nicholas S. O'Brien, 21, of Stanley, North Carolina
Lance Cpl. Sean M. N. O'Connor, 22, of Douglas, Wyoming
Pfc. Michael C. Olivieri, 26, Chicago, Illinois
Cpl. Matthew T. Richard, 21, of Acadia, Louisiana

Pray also for the fallen heroes also of our coalition partners, and for the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan who have died, unnamed and unknown to us, and for those who mourn ... and for an end to this endless war.



The British Government has renewed calls for an independent investigation into allegations of war crimes against Sri Lanka after a documentary showed civilians being shelled and troops summarily executing prisoners. Britain said it would lead international action if the Sri Lankan authorities failed to respond.

Our good friend, Cheliah Laity, who has connections with this part of the world, has asked us for our prayers for the people of this region of Sri Lanka and for justice to be done. She will be blogging about the matter in detail on HER BLOG later today.



A Syria-based human rights activist says security forces have arrested hundreds of men in a northwestern province that has been under military siege for a week.



United Nations officials warned on Wednesday of “a growing sense of panic” in the volatile Kordofan area of central Sudan, with 60,000 people displaced, aid convoys blocked, ethnic clashes erupting and dozens dead — possibly including several United Nations workers.


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  1. Oh, I hope the little tree comes back! (Don’t give up on it. “Its seed is in its stump”, as the Good Book says)

    Prayers ascending!