Please join with me in prayer for our friend, Kirstin, author of the BAREFOOT AND LAUGHING blog and her partner, Andee.

From Jane R:

Kirstin now has a cast on the leg with the fracture. It is a clamshell cast, which means one can take it off to bathe and then put it back on and wrap it. She is (more) medicated for pain and is much more comfortable than she was the last two days. She even managed to eat dinner -- sushi, no less.

Kirstin is very thin and has lost her hair, or perhaps shaved some and lost some. She still has her bright smile and got sharper as the evening went on (some of the medication wore off - it still makes her speech a bit slurry) and we chatted about all sorts of things. She has made an important decision about her care which I think best for her to share in detail, and she plans to blog about it in the next day or two. She is peaceful. The tumors are spreading through her body and will probably hit the liver if they have not already. If you had not seen her in a long time you would have a bit of a shock when you saw her. Nevertheless, she is quite lucid except when she is super-medicated (this less lucid state may increase, depending on how much palliative care she needs in the coming weeks) and even seemed to have some energy this evening. She has to be wheeled about in a wheelchair and really can't move about on her own any more.

Andee is a remarkable companion, very loving, very competent.

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THE PRAYER LIST – 15TH. JUNE 2011 — 4 Comments

  1. I am praying for Kirstin and Andee. May God give them both strength and peace at this time and may the love of their friends and families surround them.

    Thanksgiving for my mother whose colonoscopy went well yesterday. She has a condition that seems to be treatable with medication right now; the biopsies will come back next week. She is resting.

    Continued prayers for me. I haven’t heard back about my job interview and am getting quite nervous and depressed again, though I am fighting it.

  2. I pray for Kirstin and Andee’s courage and peace…

    And for Brian.

    And all in need.

  3. Prayers for Kirstin and Andee. Such courage in the face of such pain is a special gift of the dying to the living. I so wish they did not have to give it to us.