From the comments to John Shuck's typically provocative but, as always, thought-provoking post, WHAT PRESBYTERIANS BELIEVE (EXCEPT ME).

To save you having to look it up, like I had to:

APOPHATIC: Of or relating to the belief that god can be known to humans only in terms of what he is not (such as `god is unknowable')

Those of you who didn't have to look it up should probably be bothering Tobias or Adventus and not hanging around such an academically challenged blog like what I cobble together.



  1. “academically challenged”? I think not! No, I didn’t have to look it up but I certainly am not bored here! And I am fed here often. OCICBW…

    wv: inessi – in the messy in-between of academia and joy.

  2. Nor did I have to look up apophatic. I know the meaning of cataphatic, too. I hang around Tobias and Adventus, but I hang around here, too. So there. I think of myself as a theological camp-follower.

  3. Well, thank you Lois and Mimi, for dumbing down.

    The great thing about being academically challenged is that you can claim all your own ideas as your own. I am often told that somebody else came up with an idea before me but it is always coincidence and not plagiarism.

  4. What was the Word of God before the Word was made flesh? The Word was God from the beginning, and the Word was light and life and not-flesh until the incarnation.

    I often think that perhaps knowing theology is not that important, just so we follow Jesus as we know him in the Gospels. Simple, unlearned people, with little knowledge of theology, choose to live the Gospel once they are inspired by the Jesus stories.

  5. Except when I post at Tobias’s, it’s like I can always hear him rolling his eyes. O_o

  6. Nice try!

    I know what an apophastry is. I took English, and I passeded it too, as well, also.

    It’s like when you says, “It are mine’s” wif an apophastry “s.”

    What God ain’t . . . sheesh, you must think we’re reely dum.