My latest attempt to get advertising for my blog resulted in my application being turned down because OCICBW... contains "adult content" and is "still under construction." I previously tried three other providers but each time their adverts went live I was confronted with a whole load of young ladies who wanted to get to know you all even though I had clicked the "no adult content" option when applying.

The experiment is over. I will be relying on your generosity to finance my full time ministry at OCICBW... and St. Laika's. I am becoming more and more confident about the feasibility of this "stepping out in faith" as subscriptions have risen to £620 per month. This means we are nearly two thirds of the way to a stipend I can, just about, live on. Thank you, everybody, sponsors and prayer warriors alike.


BLOG NOTICE 13TH. JUNE 2011 — 8 Comments

  1. Yup, I say you really do need to look into doing some local, in-the-flesh fundraising for St. Laika’s, to supplement what is coming in from subscribers. Like the poker run thing I suggested. And of course, you can always do a bike blessing, like some people do here in Daytona during Bike Week & Biketoberfest. You know, fun and off-the-wall stuff like that.

    And while I may get lynched for even suggesting this: it may be that you might have to charge for advertising. That could be a selling point, really, given all the hits your blog gets.

  2. I think the ladies were offering in the flesh fundraising probably.
    And something that sounds a bit like the wv (foche)

  3. It is a shame that the Internet, like television before, had so much promise – international communications, opening the world’s knowledge resources to everyone, etc – and it instead has become the most common purveyor of pornography, and the last refuge of trolls and anti-social types who are protected by the anonymity of the web. Bleh…..